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QotD: Sleep Tight April 15, 2010

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What time do you go to bed at night? Do you get enough sleep or would you prefer to get a few more zzzzzs? How often do you dream?

I never get enough sleep because I lie in bed most of the night thinking about ridiculous things and making plans for any upcoming emergencies.

When my kids were small I used to make escape and survival plans in case a mad gunman ever happened to come into Woolworths when we were doing the grocery shopping. Or I'd think about how I'd get them out of the house in the middle of the night if an intruder armed with a knife happened to turn up.

Or I make up conversations and have them with characters from books I've read.

Last week I couldn't get to sleep because I was thinking about what would happen if I caught some awful disease and my survival meant having to have limbs amputated.

Not joking.

So I was thinking that I could live without my legs ok. And I could live without an arm. So I'd be happy with one arm. Happy may not be the right word. But I could live with it.

So I thought I'd better wake up Daz and tell him this just in case this disease struck through the night before I had a chance to tell him the plan. So I told him the plan. No legs, one arm. otherwise don't save me.

And he said – What about if you have one arm, a hand, but no fingers?

And I said – No Daz, because that wouldn't be an arm. That would be a paddle.

And he said – what about your thumb.

And I said (cranky by now) – yes I want the thumb as well. No legs, one arm, four fingers and a thumb.

And he said – what if I let them cut it off as a joke.

And I said – Well that'd be REALLY funny wouldn't it. When you were sleeping one night I'd throw my trunk over your face and suffocate you. And I'd get one of the kids to put their foot on my back so you couldn't struggle.

So, no I don't get enough sleep because my brain is always in overdrive.

And don't even get me started on my dreams.

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35 Responses to “QotD: Sleep Tight”

  1. Emjay Says:

    And I thought our childhood was so normal……….

  2. From the looks of things, your sister is the one that ought to be having these worries …

  3. cat Says:

    HAhaha – too right, her limbs are always letting her down

  4. cat Says:

    lol – you know when I was little I used to take my pillow into mum and dads room in the middle of the night and sleep on the floor next to Mum because I was always scared of the dark

  5. OptamissTIK Says:

    ha ha. I slept three hours last night because I was sure a truck outside was actually part of an eloborate plot to come and kill me. I lay in bed, with the lights off, hardly daring to breathe incase another part of the plan meant that someone else was already in the house waiting to pounce. It's quite difficult to formulate an escape plan when you can't move, are half dressed, and its dark…

  6. LeendaDLL Says:

    lol. i don't get quite so carried away but a hyperactive brain is why I take tylenol pm or xanax EVERY night. otherwise, i'd never sleep.

  7. cat Says:

    lol, it all seems ridiculous in the morning. You should already have the escape plan organised so you're ready to roll – I always sleep with my thongs near the bed pointed in the right direction, ready to go.
    I used to do night shift reception at a motel here – it was 10pm till 7am and from about 2am till 4am I'd be a nervous wreck imagining all sorts of freaks were about to come in an kill me.

  8. cat Says:

    My friend takes xanax, maybe I should get one from her and try it. Maybe it'd make my dreams really freaky though.

  9. Wait….you woke up Daz (is this a person) and he was not angry but made jokes, in the middle of the night????? Amazing! I agree with the sleeping pill answer, for all of us that have "active minds" at bedtime. I do and my son seems to as well. It really makes me mad when Mr and some of my other kids can go to sleep the minute their head hits the pillow. In fact, Mr falls asleep sitting up when we are watching TV. Gah!! One week, I did not realize that my sleep pill had not gotten put in two of the night holders. So, I got NO sleep for two nights. Just goes to show that the pill working is not a placebo effect because I thought I had taken it and could not figure out why it was not working. I also take Motren (in the vitamin/mineral section), and if I am desperate, I take Benadryl, which is the active ingredient in the over the counter sleep meds! I do not want to miss my sleep.

  10. I agree….I have to take my sleep pill EVERY NIGHT!! One must have sleep, after all!

  11. Always good to have "thongs" ready, in case you get drafted to be in a Victoria Secret commercial at 2am, lol. (kidding)

  12. crankypants Says:

    I sleep pretty well but I have imaginary conversations with people all day long.
    Also you need to tell us some of your dreams.

  13. cat Says:

    haha – yep my fightin' thongs

  14. cat Says:

    Daz – my husband, yes he's used to me and my strange night habits. Once I woke him up to ask him what he thought he was doing getting into my spaceship.

  15. cat Says:

    You'd have me put in a straight jacket if I told you. They're not even like dreams they're like real experiences. Sometimes I even get out of bed and get involved.

  16. crankypants Says:

    oh man, that is frightening. I recently was wondering if I walked in my sleep and realized there is no way, I would have injured or killed myself by now tripping over clutter. I did a couple times when I was a kid (walked in my sleep), my dad told me. thank god I grew out of that.

  17. cat Says:

    One night I thought I was in the army and I was creeping about the bedroom and I opened the bedroom door really slowly because I thought there could be enemy on the other side and when I finally opened it there was Daz sitting on the lounge playing the playstation just looking at me. lol.

  18. LOL…I can just imagine what his response might have been!!!

  19. LOL….I think they sell "fighting thongs" at Victoria Secret!

  20. cat Says:

    He said – well I'm just going to lie down here and go to sleep.

  21. LeendaDLL Says:

    my dreams didn't get freakier… just a little more vivid. but the tradeoff for have a full night of sleep was well worth it. I wanted to try ambien but I live alone and wouldn't have anyone catch me if I engaged in sleep eating or sleep driving (known side effects).

  22. cat Says:

    sleep driving! scary thought

  23. Aubrey Says:

    Now, I know you must have been irritated all through your conversation with Daz, but this exchange was quite hilarious: and it's not often that I find thumbs amusing!

  24. cat Says:

    Yes, amusing and essential.

  25. Smart man. Mr used to talk and walk in his sleep. I found out that even though he appeared to be awake, the only way to get him to get back in bed to go to sleep was to talk to him like a child and order him to lay down and go to sleep and he would. If I tried to talk to him as if he was awake, he would argue and argue, sure that he was wide awake and right. Once he got out of bed and pulled all of the blankets off the bed because he said the rain was getting into the tent, lol. This had happened on a camping trip and I guess he was reliving it in his dreams. I could tell a lot more stories but he doesn't do it as much as he used to, thank goodness!

  26. LeendaDLL Says:

    for good sleep convos, check out the Sleep Talking Man blog. It constantly cracks me up!

  27. crankypants Says:

    One night I thought I was in the army and I was creeping about the bedroom
    when I originally read your reply to me I was picturing you crawling on your belly like you had a rifle and all, that would have been a surprise for your husband…or maybe not…

  28. cat Says:

    lolol, seriously it was like that – but he's used to it by now

  29. cat Says:

    lol, OMG he must be constantly exhausted!

  30. MoonCat Says:

    Have you been spying on my husband and I. That is EXACTLY the sort of conversations we have when we shuld be sleeping… LOL!
    Really, m y brain does all that too.
    All the time.
    It's one of the reasons I work night shift. If I am going to be awake all night with my brain running I may as well get paid and have an excuse to sleep all day because I would be doing that even if I didn't work ngihts. lol

  31. cat Says:

    Thats what Daz says to me – you should work at night time because you're always awake anyway.

  32. Iniysa Says:

    LOL, I can relate! I lay in bed planning everything from best escape routes in a fire, my next story, but mostly I just make up elaborate stories in my head and play them out for hours like I am reading a book. I used to get up without thinking about it and act it out to, then I would sort of wake up and think I was crazy. I finally fall asleep around 1 or 2 am and normally have to be back up again around 5am. My employees are used to me NOT talking to them until I have had a suitable amount of caffeine. I don't get home until around 11pm and after my chores and such, it's WAY to late for a sleeping pill. When I wake up I throw up and feel sick all day and that's if I let myself wake up on my own. If I set an alarm and don't sleep through it, then I wake up with all the above as well as constant world literally spinning dizziness for hours. Sigh. Love your post though, had me cracking up.

  33. cat Says:

    haha – sometimes if I'm reading a good book I lie there and make my own version of how things play out, have these huge conversations between characters and myself, then when I start reading the book the next day I'm confused for a while because it doesn't seem right
    I've never had a sleeping pill, people always say they wake up feeling crappy

  34. Iniysa Says:

    LOL, ME TOO! I can't read before bed because I will do exactly that! Forget my own stories, let's add other peoples too! <G>

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