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driving Miss Lizzie April 9, 2010

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Well she's driving me actually.

We drove to McDonalds yesterday as planned and I think we caused the biggest backlog of traffic in the history of NSW.

It was all good on the way there because there were plenty of overtaking lanes for people to get past. But on the way back there were hardly any and one of them was blocked off having road work done.

So Lizzie laughs and says to me

There are a lot of cars stuck behind us.

And I said – just ignore them. And she said – oh they don't bother me, but there's a LOT of cars behind us.

So I looked back and my god they seemed to go on forever. But at least the guy right behind us was sitting back and not riding right on our arse. Like most people do. Like if they get up there and hassle learner drivers they might go faster. I always figure that the people who sit back have their own kids learning to drive.

Yesterday we had a semi so close to us it reminded me of that movie Duel.

Anyway, when we finally got to an overtaking lane 38 cars got to go past.

It was pretty funny. Can just imagine the people right up the back, they'd be saying. Whats going on up ahead? I bet its a bloody L driver or a caravan.

But Miss Lizzie remained cool and calm and her merging skills are excellent.

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11 Responses to “driving Miss Lizzie”

  1. It's good that she didn't get rattled.I also read things like this and am very glad that my cats don't want to learn to drive …

  2. cat Says:

    lol, well they might want to

  3. Sounds like I have a lot in store for me! I am glad you are hanging in there as the driving teacher!!

  4. MoonCat Says:

    LOL! This reminds of my first long distant highway tirp. I don't like driving on the highway and I don't like driving at night. I ended up on this little backwater moutnian road, in the dark going twenty. I ended up pulling over 15 times to let the car stacked up behind me go past! I'm lucky I didn't get a ticket for being a traffic hazzard!
    I wish I could have handled that with humor!

  5. OptamissTIK Says:

    38 cars! Go Lizzie!!! If I was car 37 I would have been cursing all the way until I saw the 'L' plate – I'd rather learners take it easy and go at a pace they're comfy with!

  6. cat Says:

    It was hilarious – and they never really got the flow happening again after that – they were all bunched up ahead of us the rest of the way home. She does tend to put the foot down sometimes but she was being pretty careful because we saw 6 highway partols out.

  7. cat Says:

    Haha, well those things are always much funnier later. Usually after a glass of wine. I hate driving at night as well. My night vision seems to be terrible. I tend to creep around a bit.

  8. Denise Says:

    Good Luck!! Been there, done that, with my 3. Nothing you can do but teach, hope, and PRAY. The best time (???) is when they take off allll by themselves and you watch the rear end of the car disappear down the road. Believe me the next 4 or 5 hours, until they return, seems like a lifetime. LOL

  9. I remember teaching my daughter to drive and all the near heart attacks I had. She had it rough as she had to learn on my stick shift. The first day I let her in my car I took a shot of tequila first and we drove up the street a few hundred yards to a dirt road where she learned to shift. Oh gawd it was a jerky ride for awhile. Six years later and she still has some driving habits that drive me crazy. She's fairly safe tho so I just grind my teeth.
    There are a lot of impatient people on the road for sure. I felt like I should have put student driver on our car so maybe they would back off.

  10. cat Says:

    lol, shot of tequila – thats what I needed with my first daughter – she scared me a few times

  11. cat Says:

    Or when a car load of friends pull up and off they go with them. That always scares me.
    I'm just such a control freak its hard to be the passenger.

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