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foody things March 27, 2010

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You may remember I made the pizza dough that kept growing and tried to escape the bowl.

Then again, you may have other more pressing issues on your mind.

Regardless, I froze little bundles of the monster pizza dough for later use. So I decided to make pizza for dinner the other night, got three little frozen bundles out and left them on the bench. And when I came back a couple of hours later they were still trying to escape. They'd exploded through the cling wrap.



It is a potent brew.

In other food related news, Lizzie made choc chip peanut butter biscuits. They were so sweet they made my throat tickle



And in the quest to discover new and exciting driving routes for us to take on the learner driving programme, we headed off to the vineyards for lunch last week where Lizzie had an enormous chicken caesar salad.



And I just made a delicious prawn laksa but forgot to take a photo. It has definitely helped clear my blocked nose. I shall finish the day on a chocolate paddle pop. The perfect ending.

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5 Responses to “foody things”

  1. I love the dough monster. The bundle on the left just needed a pair of eyes and it would have had the whole alien look going!
    All the food looks so lovely – yum! Cookies…
    Which winery? I loved the Hunter … food and wine – life was good then.

  2. cat Says:

    Yes, they're funny little dough creatures. Maybe I should cook them as they are, like novelty buns.
    We went to the Hunter Valley Gardens this time to a place called Oscars. I figure though we could just head off in the general direction and find somewhere good to eat for months. At least we get to clock up a few hours each trip this way.

  3. Kzinti Says:

    Trifecta of food porn. Pizza, cookies and a lovely salad!

  4. cat Says:

    and damn I forgot to put in the potato bake – it was good

  5. We had a great time at the Hunter Valley Gardens, though we had to race ahead of an incoming bus load of oldies to stop getting held up by walking frames!

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