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migraine March 20, 2010

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Day three

Someone please come and shoot me now

Or bring chocolate – cadbury, plain milk will do – although a few of those little cadbury turkish delight easter eggs would do the job

The only time I eat chocolate is when I have a migraine and then I seem to have this need to wolf it down. And strong sweet coffee. I know they're migraine triggers for some people but they help mine. Just takes the edge off for a while. Something to do with the caffeine restricting blood vessels my doctor once told me. Nothing makes them go away though, I've tried all sorts of different medications but you really just have to see them through. Three days is about the usual though so I should feel better tomorrow. Then you have the migraine hangover for a day. Just feel trashed.

At 11am I will have some medication that should knock me out for a few hours. I have to wait until 11 because our chemist only opens for one hour on Sundays – 11 till 12.

I always tell myself that I need to keep some pills on hand so I have them when I need them but then I never do. And I've passed the migraines onto Lizzie so she's dipping in the packet every now and then and using them up. Poor thing. She had her first migraine when she was about 13, I'll never forget how she looked. She couldn't even move her head.

My father used to have migraines. But then he had a mssive stroke and he tells me he hasn't had one since. Seems a pretty harsh trade though.

And I must say that a migraine combined with tinnitus is not so much fun. The tinnitus pulsates with the throbbing of the migraine.

Going to track down food. Carbs help as well.


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24 Responses to “migraine”

  1. Coffee and chocolate are my helpers too! I go for a really strong coffee at the first sign of a headache. I have even been known to resort to eating chocolate covered coffee beans!
    I believe that they may also be linked to hormones – perhaps why your daughter started at 13. Mine have eased since i started to go to a physiotherapist for neck and back issues, and especially since I no longer sit at a computer for hours on end.
    I know what you mean about the day after feeling – I call it bruised brain day!

  2. cat Says:

    Chocolate covered coffee beans – great idea, must try that. I'm sure mine are not food related. I'd hardly even had a mild headache before I was pregnant. Thats when I had my first migraine, when I was pregnant the first time.

  3. Margy Says:

    Yow – that sounds really painful. I've had migraines since I was a teenager (about a million years ago by now). Chocolate makes them worse, although I indulge in that migraine-tempter far too often. Does Fiorinal work for you? That's the heavy-duty migraine medication I've taken for years, whenever needed.Take it easy and treat yourself well during the hangover day. I know what that's like. Feel better soon!

  4. cat Says:

    I haven't tried Fiorinal unless its called something else here. I took Naramig a few years back but it seemed to stop working after a while. Then the doctor put me on a beta blocker that I can't remember the name of but they made me feel like I was in a heavy fog all the time and I could hardly move off the lounge so I stopped taking them.

  5. Kzinti Says:

    My sister has suffered for a few years with migraines so bad they put her in the hospital a few times. Her doctor tells her the first line of defense is to have a coke and an aspirin. the caffeine keeps the blood flow down and the aspirin helps to thin the blood so it flows smoother. At least that's how I remember her putting it. She also had some other medicines, one was for the next step up, the other was last resort before calling 911 kind of thing. It was about $50 a pill if I recall. Cheaper than a trip to the hospital, but not cheap enough to use every migraine. Just really bad ones.
    Hope you get to feeling better this afternoon and get to fully enjoy the day.

  6. Margy Says:

    Perhaps it goes by a different name in Australia. I find it sends me into a minor fog, but it does keep the pain levels down.

  7. cat Says:

    Yes, my doctor told me about the aspirin as well. He said you have to take it right at the first sign though. Medication is ridiculously expensive.

  8. snoringKatZ Says:

    Sending anti-migraine vibes! Oh, wait… that will probably just make it worse, adding in more wavy things.Sorry. 😦

  9. Shutterbug Says:

    Yikes! Hope you are on the pain-free path really soon! :o)

  10. Oh those are so bad and painful. I get them when I get too much sun and get dehydrated. Mine usually only last one day and then the next day is spent recovering. I can't imagine 3 poor dear…hope it is gone soon. Hugs!

  11. homebody Says:

    Oww – hope you find chocolate and feel better soon!

  12. cat Says:

    YES! I found a packet of melted boost bars – minis – I scoffed the lot

  13. cat Says:

    Thanks – I think I jinxed myself by saying to someone last week that I hadn't had a migraine for months

  14. cat Says:

    Send blanket thoughts – soft black blankets – thats what I think of – I cover the pain with a black blanket – smother it

  15. cat Says:

    thanks πŸ™‚

  16. cat Says:

    Feeling a bit better thanks

  17. Rev Stan Says:

    Poor you. Hope you are feeling a bit better? I'm new to migraines – only started getting them a couple of years ago and they are horrible. I haven't heard about the chocolate cure but I'll try anything – especially when chocolate is involved. Although saying that the one I had a couple of weeks ago made me feel so nauseous I couldn't have eaten anything.Of course I never have any medication to hand either but since the last episode have bought some to keep in the medicine cabinet.

  18. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Ugh! I've had a few (thankfully) myself and greatly sympathize with your plight. Hope it hs cleared by now.

  19. Hm! I was told that caffeine helps relieve migraines because it opens up the blood vessels in the brain. One over-the-counter migraine med here in the US contains a huge chunk of caffeine, though it has never worked for me. Sugar and caffeine sounds like a winner, though. A friend used to swear Coca-Cola was great for migraines, albeit I'm often too nauseated to keep anything down once a headache sets in.

  20. cat Says:

    lol – taking mum shopping – lol – a wonder you don't have a constant migraine really

  21. cat Says:

    No unfortunately – still have it this morning 😦

  22. cat Says:

    My doctor has migraines and gets a very sick tummy with it and he told me there is a nasal spray for people who feel to sick to keep tablets down. You need to try and get into the medication at the first sign. Usually I feel very foggy and lost for a few hours before it kicks in. And if I'm in the supermarket I notice the lights really bother me.

  23. Darn you will have to be more careful when you speak of them.

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