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Pizza March 13, 2010

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I didn't realise that the pizza dough recipe was going to be enough for 8 pizzas. Thats because I don't read the recipe through before I start cooking. And thats why I often go out to cook dinner at 6.30, look at the recipe and the first thing it says is that you have to marinate something for about three hours or overnight.

Anyway I have six balls of dough in the freezer now that will get used up in the end.

It was a messy job though that seemed to use a lot of items. And space.



And there was no way it was all going to fit in my food processor – after two cups of flour went in I could see there was no way another six were going to fit. So it was onto the kitchen table for hand kneading.




Ten minutes seemed to take a long time. But it was lovely and smooth and ready to rise.




And then it turned into a dough monster and tried to escape. Like the one in Gumby.



So I made two pizzas. One was a vegetarian. And I roasted my own garlic and capsicums and tomatoes. And I made my own pizza sauce. But I forgot to take a photo of it.

And I made a margherita. We cooked it in the barbeque to see how it went. And it was good. Nice crispy base. Perhaps a little too crispy in places on the bottom for me. But will definitely cook them in there from now on, just tone down the heat a bit.




And now I'm off to have leftovers for breakfast.

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25 Responses to “Pizza”

  1. breakfast pizza – yum! Glad to see the required glass of wine was involved!

  2. cat Says:

    Pizza is good anytime. I think I actually woke up at 4am and considered having a piece. Without the wine though.

  3. That looks really good. And now, the next time you see a recipe that says "marinate for 3 hours" you can just say "to hell with it" and whip out a ball of dough!

  4. Ninja Says:

    That's a big ball of dough Cat!

  5. cat Says:

    lol, yes, but then I'll have to wait for it to defrost
    I could live on pizza though

  6. cat Says:

    lol, it was enormous! lucky I had the cling over it

  7. cat Says:

    hmmm, twas!

  8. Kzinti Says:

    I made some roast beef pizza that was thoroughly devoured by the denizens of our abode. My pizza recipe calls for something like 3 1/2 cups flour, which is actually almost double what you need for a huge 18 inch pizza pan when making thin crust. Looks sooo good. Mmmm…

  9. Catalina Says:

    Your pizza does look yummy!

  10. cat Says:

    double yum!

  11. cat Says:

    Only a couple of bits left now – and my daughter has just arrived home so I'm guessing they'll be gone soon

  12. cat Says:

    Pizza always goes down well with my kids as well. This dough was really good – nice and thin – but 8 cups of flour!!

  13. Kzinti Says:

    8 cups? You could cover the couch with that much dough…

  14. scorpion1116 Says:

    Oh my GAWD that looks good! I did give out a hoot that scared my cat though, when I scrolled down and saw how big the dough got. Good job!

  15. cat Says:

    Hate to think how big it would have ended up if it wasn't trapped by the plastic wrap

  16. scorpion1116 Says:

    *wipes tears* I can't help but think of this every time I see a big wad of dough rise. LOL.

  17. cat Says:

    Hahaha – it was something like that!

  18. snoringKatZ Says:

    cat, I'd say you cook like me except once I see "marinate," I close the book and pick up the phone. You are a much bolder woman than I and your pizza comes out way better, too.

  19. cat Says:

    lol, yeah I'd happily let them live on takeaway forever but I do make a mean pizza I must say, I even make them at 6am to kids lunch boxes

  20. Denise Says:

    I too luv pizza. I've never made my own from scratch. I see that there is a secret ingredient of white wine? lol I think I'd enjoy coming 'round the world to sample some of your pizza anytime.
    Denise 😉

  21. cat Says:

    haha – yes a glass of wine always makes cooking more fun

  22. xmangerm Says:

    Wow! I just love Pizza.

  23. cat Says:

    definitely one of my favourites as well

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