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Papa’s Slidebox, Vintage Photos, Retro Wall Art March 11, 2010

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Here are a few tiles I made using Papa's photos. I really want to have a good look through his photos this year. Last year I spent a lot of time scanning them in but not really looking at them. At the moment I seem to be on some mad spree of cleaning, sorting, throwing away. Maybe its because we're thinking of moving next year and I don't want to be stuck with one enormous job when the time comes.

So, anyway, what have we got.


Number 10 Dowling Street. You may have seen this photo before – Not sure if it was 1957 or 1964.



Amalfi, Italy 1957 -  love the little kids on the right there with their good coats on.


Balloon Seller, Marseille – 1957



Bergen Norway, 1965



Cairo Venders – 1957 or 1964 – not sure and its hard to tell from the fashion







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8 Responses to “Papa’s Slidebox, Vintage Photos, Retro Wall Art”

  1. Katiebell Says:

    really lovely, I especially like the baloon seller. Indeed, the cairo photo, very hard to date…..It could have been taken last year, given how fashion stays the same there!

  2. Smart idea to get rid of stuff before the move … during the move you'll want to throw it ALL out.

  3. cat Says:

    I love the balloon seller as well – one of my favourites.
    lol, yes, fashions have stayed pretty much the same in Cairo

  4. cat Says:

    Toys! I think my daughter, 17 now, has every doll and toy she ever owned packed away in huge boxes I have nowhere to put. I'm looking forward to her moving out so I can send them all off with her.

  5. My mother used to say that about my sister. She didn't move out completely until she was 30 and found someone who could put up with her …

  6. OptamissTIK Says:

    Your tiles seriously rock! I love the colour in these photos – the red coat at Downing St, the balloons, the apron – all looks great.

  7. cat Says:

    thanks – yes, the red coat was very handy – It seems that I like a sort of washed out look with splashes of colour, but some of the slides are so faded and scratched that you have to go with it

  8. Sally Says:

    What wonderful pictures. You are so lucky to have them to work with. People try very hard to get pictures to look like these, forcing them thru PS and all. Your father had a magical talent for picture taking and he aged them naturally.

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