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the jade necklace and the old man who wanted to live forever February 28, 2010

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My father, who is about 79, has decided that he wants to start wearing a jade necklace. He tells me it will bring him long life and good health.

A few things to know about my father.

He is severely disabled as a result of a stroke he suffered over 20 years ago.

He has had a hip replacement because he was too slow getting through the automatic sliding doors at the shopping centre and they closed on him and broke it.

He has a dodgy heart beat that the doctors don't want to try and fix because it involves stopping his heart then starting it again. They think it might not start. They don't know him very well, I think the trouble would be trying to stop it.

He doesn't walk at all anymore, he rides around on a scooter.

He has to have someone come in and help him shower and dress.

For gods sake I said – how long does the old bastard want to live for!!

Anyway he wants me to pick one out. Because apparently we have similar taste. But it can't be fake or soapstone. I said to mum

Would he even know if it wasn't real?

Oh yes she said, I'd think so.

So there was nothing in town so I went for a drive to a shop out in the vineyards. And I found a couple, but I'm still not sure if they're real. They were both about $70 but I feel that the prices would be inflated due to the shop being in the vineyards and customers would normally be suckers weekending from Sydney.

Here are my picks so far. There was a heart but I didn't think he'd wear a heart.

Any picks for which would best suit a 79 year old man.


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20 Responses to “the jade necklace and the old man who wanted to live forever”

  1. I say the round one. Round is a good shape which is kind of related to long life.

  2. cat Says:

    yes I think I like it as well – I did like the oblong one but now it looks stumpy

  3. I'm a little curious about where your father got the idea that the jade would bring him long life and good health. In traditional Chinese culture, it does, but there are other, less pricey charms out there. (I'm attaching the link not because I think you should buy from this place, but just to give you an idea of alternatives.)

  4. cat Says:

    The nurse who comes in to shower him wears one, she's married to a chinese man and he bought it for her. So now Dad wants one. He definitely wants something that he can wear, not something to sit on his desk near him. I don't know what year he was born in – goat sounds about right though, he's stubborn as one. He was born in 22/9/31.

  5. Kzinti Says:

    I'd go with the oval green one. It is small enough, yet pronounced. I would worry about how heavy the round one would be. And you must give good thought to what it will be hanging from as well. Gold, silver, leather thong…

  6. cat Says:

    Well thats his problem what it hangs from – a silver chain I guess. Mum said it'll probably get all twisted up with the emergency buzzer thing he already wears around his neck.

  7. Kzinti Says:

    Hmmm… I'd do some more research on the jade. Maybe find something online that fits his personality more. No, not cantankerous or crochety… LOL

  8. Ha, he is a Goat! He's supposed to have a good year, financially anyway.

  9. snoringKatZ Says:

    Can you just attach it to his emergency thingie?Not that this reads as well as I'd hoped…

  10. Ninja Says:

    Your dad sounds like a grumpy old fart, but that's what makes him HIM. I'm heading down that path, too. The grumpy old fart bit.

  11. Top picture – smaller – won't annoy him so much when he lies down – if he lies down! Their skin gets dry and chains can rub and create sores so go for a fine chain.

  12. cat Says:

    You can't talk to him once he's decided something. He likes this woman who wears one and if she has one thats what he wants. Sigh.

  13. cat Says:

    He has this huge link chain I think he intends using, but it sits up higher, not so dangly. I did see one that was a bracelet but not sure if he'd wear that – his wrist is very thin.

  14. cat Says:

    He's set on jade because the nurse wears it and he likes her. Very hard to change his mind about anything. A goat – that'd be right

  15. cat Says:

    Thats what makes him him, yes I tell myself that all the time when he's being unreasonable and difficult. Its whats kept him alive through all the dramas anyway.

  16. cat Says:

    lo, I don't know – can you do that? I'm just buying the pendant and then he can attach it to himself however he wants to.

  17. G Says:

    I'd go for the big round one.Bigger is better 🙂 And round is the shape of life anyway. All planets are round and all stars and so on.

  18. cat Says:

    Yes, I think he'd like the idea of that.

  19. OptamissTIK Says:

    I think I like the top one, for a guy… I know most people like the oblong one, but I think the top one is more masculine and the oblong one more feminine… maybe the top one is just more phallic?

  20. cat Says:

    lol, maybe – he's not terribly masculine though – I'll send him the photos and he probably won't want either of them anyway

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