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merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily February 24, 2010

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Earlier tonight I was having a shower.

I was having a shower, relaxing, psyching myself up to cook the complicated, fiddly lasagne that daz had requested as his birthday dinner.

And I was standing in the shower, with my eyes closed, rinsing the conditioner out of my hair. And it does take a while, because I have a shitload of hair.

But when I opened my eyes, I saw a torrent of water, running out of the shower, under the bathroom door, straight into my office.

The relaxing part of the shower ended there.

Luckily I had my christmas present form Emjay handy to help me recover from the startling experience.



I picked it up from my mother yesterday when we met for lunch in a middle town.

I also ate an extremely large breakfast pizza. The mushrooms were especially good.



I am off to the kitchen now to cook.

One of my least favourite activities.

It really sucks how family members get to pick their favourite meals as their birthday dinners and I have to cook it. How the hell did that rule ever get to come into play anyway.

Bet you right here, right now, that none of the bastards would even know what my favourite meal is, let alone how to cook it.

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25 Responses to “merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily”

  1. An Ex-Expat Says:

    So who cleaned up the mess?

  2. Funny how it works out that way … like on my birthday when I get to go out to dinner, driving there and paying for it. Oh, but it's a treat!

  3. So what caused the shower to run over? Your fans want to know!

  4. cat Says:

    me of course!! I guess I could have asked my teenage daughter – hahahaha

  5. cat Says:

    lol – yes, like my daughter gave a me a $ 3 pot plant this year and I had to spend $15 on a pot and some potting mix to put it in

  6. cat Says:

    Well I think the house must be shifting or something. The shower doesn't have an edge its just part of the floor, but it used to slope down towards the drain a bit but yesterday it didn't!
    And the lasagne turned out well. Even if I did have to stir the white sauce for about half an hour before it thickened.

  7. a pot plant … I'm guessing that doesn't mean what most of the people I know would think it means …

  8. cat Says:

    lol, noo – its a little plant, in a pot

  9. Rev Stan Says:

    Surely if no one cooks you your favourite meal on your birthday they should take you out to your favourite (expensive) restaurant….

  10. cat Says:

    We did go out for my birthday but I picked really badly – I had these tempura king prawns and the tempua was all tough and cold. Mind you we were sitting outside in a gale.

  11. Rev Stan Says:

    How disappointing. I hope you are doing plenty of research to ensure the same thing doesn't happen next birthday.

  12. Doug Says:

    In general, one does not wish to be surprised when one is naked.

  13. cat Says:

    lol, no, definitely not
    hmmm, I don't think I have a favourite – but I think I'd die of starvation waiting for it to show up – and they'd all get by on bowls of cereal or noodles while I did

  14. Kzinti Says:

    White sauce in lasagna? Share, share! Only recipes I have for lasagna are a chicken and mushroom one with a sort of cream sauce and regular italian sausage with marinara type sauce. Always up for new cooking adventures. In the 20+ years I've been married, my wife made me one of my favorites once and it was in TV dinner format, so it doesn;t really count. LOL

  15. cat Says:

    Well this was a chicken and turkey mince mix – but with a bechamel sauce in between layers and on top. You mix a whisked egg through the sauce as well as parmeson cheese – I've seen people mix ricotta through it as well
    meat mix, lasagne sheets, bechamel sauce, parmeson and mozzarella – repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat

  16. Shutterbug Says:

    I hope someone cooked you your favorite dinner on your birthday, too!

  17. cat Says:

    well I got to go out – so I didn't have to worry about anything at all – although no one organised a cake for me 😦

  18. Emjay Says:

    LOL – mum mentioned that pizza – and it wasn't really in a "oh I wish I'd had one too" way. I hope the Smirnoff goes down smoothly – I was beginning to worry that it was evaporating in their house!

  19. Emjay Says:

    Oh and here they call plants in pots – potted plants.

  20. Emjay Says:

    You should have seen the reaction I got the first time I went to a plant nursery here and asked where their pot plants were!

  21. cat Says:

    well she wouldn't have needed one, she had an enormous caesar salad!!

  22. Worker Says:

    did you have a few drinks when cooking I would of…

  23. OptamissTIK Says:

    That pizza looks fu*king amazing. Yums. Glad the lasagne turned out well – you and Daz have birthday's right next to each others yeah? That's cute.

  24. cat Says:

    Except for the three days where he can say I'm 3 years older than him. Which he always does, thinking its hilarious. I told him if he said it this year that I'd knock his teeth out.
    One of our best friends has his birthday on the 23rd as well so its always a bit of a party week.

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