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Betty sleeps here February 11, 2010

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But sometimes I like to sleep here


She doesn't usually get to sleep on the lounge but she was drugged and by the time I found her it was too late to move her because she was in la la land.

I have to drug her when there's a storm because she freaks out and acts like an idiot and drives us all mad. Once the fear of the storm gave her enough of an adrenaline burst to get her inside through the cat flap. It was quite a feat.

Trouble with the drugs is that you have to give them to her half an hour before the storm comes, which is tricky, because sometimes you think its going to storm, race out and throw her a morsel of mince with the drug in it, then the storm passes and you're left with this drugged dog lying about the house.

We are in storm season here at the moment. In fact I just had to have $ 7,000 worth of hail damage fixed on my car. There were 280 hail dents on the roof of my little Getz.

Anyway, I decided to cut Betty back from half a tablet to a quarter because I seemed to be tossing them out every day last week and I thought I might kill her if I kept it up. She's no spring chicken anymore.


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9 Responses to “Betty sleeps here”

  1. Crush-Monkey Says:

    She looks so peaceful !!!

  2. cat Says:

    lol, I'm sure she was feeling very peaceful

  3. Ninja Says:

    Have you got one for loopy wives and teenagers as well? Send me a dozen in the extra strength dosage. I need them drugged during the daylight hours.

  4. cat Says:

    lol – nasty girl

  5. An Ex-Expat Says:

    When you say storm season, is that a rainny season?

  6. cat Says:

    NINJA!! thats terrible – lol

  7. cat Says:

    Hail storms and afternoon strong wind and rain storms. A few years ago the whole town was written off by a hail storm that lasted about 10 minutes. We live in a drought declared area and it hasn't really rained here for a long time.

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