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aussie lamb January 19, 2010

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I cooked a leg of lamb on Sunday night.

Always a slighty disturbing thing for a non meat eater to have to do. Its the smell of meat cooking mainly that bothers me. Its like how after you use the deep fryer the house smells like fat for a day or two.

Lizzies fault. She's turned into a mad carnivore.

When she was 14 she decided she was going to be a vegetarian. No particular reason that I can remember. But for the next three years she didn't eat meat. Not even chicken or fish.

Then when she turned 17 she decided she was over it and went to KFC. And that was it. Meat pies were next on the list. Even though they're not technically meat.

Beef curries, lamb, gravy and mint rolls, chicken schnitzel. She's powering her way through them all.

We'd normally cook a leg of lamb on the bbq but Daz wasn't here and I was too hot to go outside. One time I do use the airconditioner is in the kitchen when I'm cooking.

So I have a new frypan I used. It didn't quite fit and I couldn't get the lid on. And it seemed to be taking hours. As it does. So when it was mostly cooked I hacked it into pieces and let it cook with the potatoes in all that fat and sticky stuff that lamb seems to produce. When I was a kid my favourite part of the lamb roast was that sticky stuff that sticks to the bottom of the pan. And it makes the gravy taste good as well.

I have to say though that I hope all you lamb eaters are running a pretty high internal body heat. To keep that fat liquid and moving along. Because it sure sets into nasty artery hardening stuff when it cools down.

This would be Bettys favourite night – roast night. Because after I take the meat and the potatoes out I fry her some bread in the fat. Then she has it covered in gravy.

Actually I think roast night was everyones favourite night around here. No one was very happy when I went all health on them and stopped making it in the pan.

Its like cutlets. When I was a kid the best part of a cutlet was the big strip of fat down the side that went all crispy when mum grilled it. Now you buy a cutlet and its all been trimmed off. Just a stick with a circle of meat at the top. You'd need to buy about 40 to feed my family.

But I thought I'd give Miss Lizzie a treat seeing as how she hadn't had one for years.


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14 Responses to “aussie lamb”

  1. crankypants Says:

    Meat pies were next on the list. Even though they're not technically meat.
    So what are they then? o_O (maybe I don't want to know)

  2. cyndia Says:

    I don't think I've ever tried lamb, but it sure looks delicious. My daughter tried being a vegetarian, she lasted 3 weeks

  3. Ninja Says:

    I have reduced my meat intake over the past 5 years. I can't eat a whole steak anymore. My diet seems to have gone "softer" – more fish, vegies, chicken and tofu. And portions are smaller, too. I don't think I made the change consciously; it just kind of happened.

  4. Worker Says:

    yum…let me know when the next one is 🙂

  5. cat Says:

    I like to call them Lips 'n' Arse Crankypants
    A recent report found that –
    FSANZ's definition of meat includes snouts, ears, tongue roots, tendons and blood vessels. Only offal (such as brain, heart, kidney, liver, tongue, tripe) must be specified on the label. Wild animals ("slaughtered … in the wild state") may not be used.

  6. cat Says:

    Never tried lamb. Wow. You should try it. I grew up on a sheep farm, so lots of lamb for me back then. I find it hard now to eat anything that can look at me with big eyes.

  7. cat Says:

    Much better for you. I never eat red meat. I tried it once after years of not having it and it just tasted really, well meaty, too rich and chewy. I'm mainly fish. Salmon, could live on salmon and trout.

  8. cat Says:

    A good aussie girl you are – Sam whatever is name is would be proud.

  9. PeteGraham Says:

    Aussie cooking lamb? Hmm, methinks Australia Day must be fast approaching. I mentioned it on another blog – can't remember as I don't think I have slept since then… – but I still laugh at the advert with Sam Kekovich. Apologies for the long comment due to it…
    My fellow Australians, it is my solemn duty to inform you that it’s time to abolish Australia Day.
    Our annual lamb-fest hasn’t stopped unAustralianism racing through the land like horse-flu through a Japanese jockey club.
    For example, if I see another binge-drinking, pill-popping, powder-sniffing footballer making a tearful television apology – I’ll blow a fuse.
    Australia Day has had its day. We need Australia week. A 7-day lambathon to properly celebrate our great nation. Instead of one public holiday, we need seven. Instead of one lamb barbie we need 21 lamb meal opportunities – not including snacks. Which imbecile thought one day was long enough anyway.
    Look at the Olympics, Octoberfest, the Turkish Oil Wrestling Festival. Even APEC gets a week. But that’s just a bunch of blokes in funny shirts. Apart from Helen Clarke, who does a passable impersonation of a bloke anyway.
    The placard-waving, police-bashing, weed worshippers may protest about it, but it’s nothing a few blasts from a water cannon can’t fix. They could do with a wash. And if they’re still too unAustralian to chomp a few chops with the rest of us, send them to Nauru. The refugee protesting centre has plenty of palm trees they can hug.
    I’ll be petitioning our new PM to officially recognise Australia Week. If you still call Australia home, stack the fridge full of lamb, take the week off and celebrate with me. Any boss that won’t let you is a bum. Just chuck a week of sickies instead. What could be more Australian than that?
    So don’t be unAustralian, serve lamb this Australia Week. You know it makes sense. I’m Sam Kekovich.
    Epic advert.

  10. cat Says:

    theres a new one this year – but I can't find it to show you

  11. PeteGraham Says:

    I'm pretty sure it'll be bloody good. I think I am working for Australia day this year, but I will be sure to finish the day in the pub raising a glass to you guys.

  12. cat Says:

    its been popping up on my homepage all week – then it went – but I found itI will be having a bbq and listening to the hottest 100 countdown on australia dayeat lamb

  13. Daughter1 always asks for a lamb roast for her birthday dinner. Luckily her birthday is in June!

  14. cat Says:

    lol, ahh, yes the birthday dinner pick, funny how they never change – I always wonder what it was, that first time they ate it, that made them want it every year, forever, and ever and ever

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