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airconditioning January 14, 2010

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In Phuket there must be thousands of bars and restaurants. And I noticed that most of them don't have walls, or a front wall at least, and therefore no doors. And its nice to sit in an open atmosphere and not be shut away in a room with freezing airconditioning blasting through dirty filters on you.


So at night when they close they just put the chairs up and go home. There was even one bar that left all the bottles of grog sitting along the bench on the back wall. It was amazing really. I can't think of many, or any, places where you could do that in Australia. I can only imagine if you did that you'd come back the next day and find your place trashed, chairs  and tables thrown about, alcohol gone and the walls decorated with graffiti.

And I love the fans. They have fans everywhere. When you go to the markets, in these sweltering tents, as soon as you walk into someones store area they run over and put the fan on for you.



It was hot, but not bad for us. We'd had a few days here before we left that were over 110 degrees so we found it pretty pleasant. Must say though, it must be bloody hot there in summer. And it was funny to see these big billboards promoting face masks and hand washing to stop the spread of flu and swine flu as it was winter there so the season for it. Hard to imagine anyone being sick with colds in 90 degree heat.

This was interesting. This one was set up in an outdoor eating area. And this was probably the hottest day we had there. They had it set up with a hose sticking through the front of the fan so it sprayed a fine mist of water over anyone sitting there.


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8 Responses to “airconditioning”

  1. I remember reading about Sara Henderson's house in the NT and the fact that most of it didn't have walls. Makes sense in the tropics. Here the mossies would eat us!

  2. LeendaDLL Says:

    Palm Springs has misting systems in virtually every outdoor space, including the poolside lounges. I've thought of installing one in my backyard.i think it would freak me out to see bars closed but with the booze still out.

  3. cat Says:

    We thought there would be mozzies – we were told by the doc to take malaria tablets (although I don't think anyone actually remembered to every day) and I took two roll on tropical strength repellants, but I never saw a single one – maybe because it was winter. Guess they have them open because there's hardly any aircon anywhere and it'd be too hot closed up

  4. cat Says:

    lol, just too hot here where I live – we bought a pool once but everyone still sat inside in the airconditioning – there was one year when the aircon broke down over christmas so we couldn't get parts to fix it and we all lay around on lounges and sprayed ourselves with those little pump bottles hairdressers use, it wasn't very satisfying

  5. LeendaDLL Says:

    btw: Lots of hotels and businesses in Hawaii are also totally open, at least on the first floor.

  6. cat Says:

    I love it – much nicer

  7. L Says:

    i absolutely agree!! i cannot abide air-conditioning… i think its because i grew up without it – we would always just leave the windows/doors open and have the ceiling fans going when i was a kid.i also swear that air conditioning makes me sick – all that cold air blowing straight on your face, ugh! and that's before i had ever thought to check the filters…

  8. cat Says:

    I think it aggravates my throat actually. Especially in the car when it seems to be blasting at you.

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