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fantasea January 8, 2010

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What can I say about Fantasea.

Except that I'm mentally scarred by it. That all my senses were so over stimulated that I thought I may never sleep again.

Imagine being trapped inside the brain of a young child for a few hours. One that suffers from ADHD and hasn't been medicated for a few days. And imagine that the kid loves pink. And they are very fond of Hello Kitty and Teletubbies and My little Pony.

Then throw in a few elephants and tigers and lots of young people wearing fluro costumes and talking in very loud excited voices.

Thats what Fantasea is a bit like.

Happiness on steroids.

They also claim to have The Worlds Grandest Buffet. And I also claim that they have possibly the worlds cleanest toilets. And the most nicely decorated.

Fantasea is like a theme park. A very bright one. A sideshow alley. And after you've wandered about and eaten, there is a show. Its like a musical. But with elephants and chooks, doves and oxen, illusionists, trapeze artists and phyrotechnics. Its sort of boy saves Thailand and wins the girl with the help of his magic elephant. Who by the way did a huge shit on stage.

I don't have any photos of the show because they don't let you take cameras in. They have people at the entry who check your bag and feel your pockets. Then you have to hand them in and collect them at the end. I was pretty nervous about handing my camera over but it would've been really annoying if people were snapping away all night.

So here are the toilets.



And here is a bit of Fantasea. Ten years old this year. I know there are a lot of photos, but it was a kind of overwhelming place. And this is only a fraction of it. The Ultimate Nightime Cultural Themepark. Thats what they call themselves.


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14 Responses to “fantasea”

  1. M-----l Says:

    I officially find 13 of your 22 pictures scary.By the way, is that a live gerbil running around in image #65?

  2. Emjay Says:

    Those toilets do look like ones where you might even be able to sit down! Yeah, I would be nervous about handing my camera over – I would probably take the memory card out.

  3. L Says:

    wow thats a bit psychedelic-scary a la Disneyworlds 'Its a Small World'! whereabouts in thailand is it located?

  4. This was like walking through Disneyland on acid, except for the Thai influence. I also liked the bodhisattvas painted in the restrooms. I guess they suggest that a clean toilet is like paradise?

  5. cat Says:

    ooh yes, it was a scary place let me tell you they were some little creature – I thought maybe a guinea pig – that was just part of their huge home, better than a little cage with a wheel I guess

  6. cat Says:

    I didn't think of that. She felt Daz's pockets and took his mobile phone. I was not too happy because in the end she had my mobile, my fisheye camera and my little new digital camera

  7. cat Says:

    It was some pretty freaky shit. Umm I'm not sure where it was. Its 350 acres of freakdom in the middle of your average sort of phuket area of shops and homes. It is at Kamala Beach, but I'm not really sure where that is. It was about a 30 minute drive from Karon Beach.

  8. cat Says:

    lol, and I'm sure the people who work there are on something as well, they are very hyped upsigh, the toilets were a joy – I normally have a fear of public toilets and there definitely haven't been any others I felt like taking photos of

  9. Hannahbanana Says:

    Wow, it's no wonder I initially read your sentence as the "The Ultimate Nightmare Cultural Themepark."

  10. cat Says:

    lol, it was sort of like a drug induced nightmare

  11. cyndia Says:

    Wow! At first I just thought how beautiful, but then… it's like disney on drugs! I saw the chang and eng! There was a ride? or just a display? I love all the pufferfish! So cute!

  12. Shutterbug Says:

    Wow….this doesn't happen often, but I'm out of words! That place is really something. What that something is, I don't know…but it's…something!

  13. cat Says:

    you really need to go to experience the full feeling of shock

  14. cat Says:

    No rides – I don't know what was in there, looks like a shop. Chang and Eng are the siamese twins there and they are in the show we saw – they were part of the illusionists show. It was all bizarre.

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