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patong January 4, 2010

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Every morning while I was away I had some sort of spicy noodle dish with an egg for breakfast. And one day I noticed they have these tiny little bananas in Thailand. Here we have monster bananas that can last you three days. So I took a photo of it near my egg so you can see how small it was but someone said – they might just think they have huge eggs. But I can assure you my egg was average in size. Not in flavour though.



And this was my lunch one day. Prawns with pineapple. And chilli. Best to assume that anything you order in Thailand has chilli in it. We ate somewhere different every day dinner and lunch but its impossible to get through a fraction of the places. Every second shop is a cafe or restaurant. Then there are the guys with street stalls hooked up to their bikes as well.



And they always had nice or interesting glasses everywhere. This was the mango daquiri Daz ordered.



And this is something we don't get at home. It looks like twisties in a bottle. In yummy classic yellow.



We went into Patong this day. That place is mad. Thats where all the bars and ladyboys are. We didn't go to them because we had little children with us. We went in to go to this huge shopping centre there. Not often you see a bar in the middle of a shopping centre. Not here anyway. There you can buy alcohol anywhere. At the chemist or the 7 eleven. When you get a meal deal at burger king one of your drink options is beer.


Its actually the Jung Ceylon centre. Not the jungle.

I didn't go to McDonalds myself but Lizzie tells me you can get a pork burger and a broccoli pie.



Patong was where the girls found the man selling dvd's. Or he found them. He took them back to his shop which was at the back of a massage shop through a secret door. I think they bought about 80 between them. Kimba thought he was taking them away to be sold into sex slavery or something and made Nat stand with her foot wedged in the door. He kept saying to them – It safe, it safe, this is my business.

Some of them have been dodgy. Like New Moon. No one had heads. Which made it difficult. But at 1 or 2 dollars each you take the chance


And here is the pedestrian crossing. Do not assume cars will stop to let you cross at the pedestrian crossing.



And there was a guy walking around with this lizard you could buy, but I didn't think we'd get it through customs. He tried to put it on my shoulder but I ran away. He put it on Daz though but I wasn't quick enought to get a photo. And he would've charged me for taking it anyway.



And the Soi Easy Bar. Where I think if you spend too long, you may need to visit the Clinik.



Thats really what Patong is about. Bars and girls. And ladyboys. Its a little disturbing when you see the amount of old european men roaming around with the young bar girls. Sad really.

But you can't go to Phuket without checking out Bangla Road. You have to – get your sleaze on – as Lloyd said.






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10 Responses to “patong”

  1. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Cat, awesome photos!Loving reading about your adventure!

  2. kitty Says:

    I'm enjoying following along with your travelogue! I'd love to visit Thailand one day myself.You don't have French's Mustard in Australia? I grew up on that stuff, albeit from a squat jar, not the new-fangled plastic squeezy bottle.

  3. cat Says:

    definitely go go go – wonderful place, full of contrastsnope no french's mustard here

  4. Apolline Says:

    Thaïland is a beautiful country, and shows the contrasts created by the "industrial" tourism and the reality of a deep poverty of this country.One of my sons is "champion de France" of Thai Boxing and went in Bangkok for sport training. Many loves

  5. strawberry Says:

    beautiful pictures

  6. The Thai food looks marvelous, but the invasion of American culture—McDonalds and French's Mustard!—is a little disturbing. I don't understand why Americans can't leave their crappy fast food behind and try the local cuisine. Chili peppers on pineapple and shrimp sound a lot more appealing than a Big Mac.

  7. cat Says:

    I only saw the one McDonalds so that was good. My daughter was glad to see it though. There was no takeaway like that where we stayed and I don't think the thai people can eat much of it – they're all tiny.

  8. cat Says:

    thanks strawberry 🙂

  9. cat Says:

    Yes it is a country of extremes. Not sure how rebuilding is going after the tsunami but a lot of people are living in shacks while huge resorts are being built around them. And they do love their boxing.

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