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sun safety January 3, 2010

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This day we went for an early morning walk to Kata beach which was about an hours walk. Maybe 45 minutes. A lot of longboats there that will take you out snorkelling.



Like Karon beach it is lined with hundreds of deck chairs. You hire them for about $3 a day.



They start filling up at about 10am.



A lot of europeans go to Thailand, and I can tell you that the sun safety message is not getting to them. I can't believe the amount of purple people I saw. Terrible sunburn, being sunburnt again. They line up out in the sun, with their faces pointing upwards like little rows of sunflowers.



I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people who have been to Thailand and come home the same pale colour as they went. We saw one woman who looked ridiculous because she had this red raw burnt face but with big white sunglasses marks.

This is one way to protect yourself from the sun I guess. Bet he had trouble getting it off though. The sand there is very fine and really sticks.



You could hire a jet ski from this guy and he had a long boat as well. You don't see any thai people sitting out in the sun. The hawkers walking the beach wear full length pants and shirts, hats and scarves around their necks. They must think tourists are crazy the way they bake.


After lunch we went back for a swim in the resort pool to wash off the sand. You can sit on the beach and have pad thai or grilled corn on the cob or whatever you want.

The place where we stayed had three huge pools, all with bars, but this was where we hung.


We liked to try and nab the sun bed. We could fit about four on it and it was more comfy than a deck chair.



After lunch we went for a walk about the streets.




I saw another police car that was a Getz. Lots of Tsunami evacuation signs around but they all say things like – evacuation point 1.2kms or 1.7 kms. You have to run a way to get to them. This guy looks like he might not make it. The wave is pretty close.




And early on, it somehow became the agreement that we'd meet in the lobby bar at 5pm for happy hour to see what everyone was doing for dinner.




This was the day we had our first ride in a tuk tuk. Definitely the best way to get around the place. Even though you never feel really safe in them. This one is very new looking. Most of them are red. You can't walk outside anywhere without someone saying – tuk tuk??? But if you say no they don't hassle you. But you never have to worry about how to get somewhere. Just don't expect to wear a seatbelt the whole time you're there.


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16 Responses to “sun safety”

  1. Hannahbanana Says:

    I swear, Brits are the absolute worst at sun damage prevention. We never see the sun so when we go abroad we think we have to get a lifetime's worth in 2 weeks. Crazy…and pretty painful too! At least living in Hawaii for 4 years cured me of that.

  2. cat Says:

    Oh I know, you guys are crazy for the sun. We have a friend from Guernsey and she came to australia and sunbaked like a demon. Ended up with sun cancer in her eye or around the eye. We are bombarded with scary sun cancer adverts here and now a large percentage of australians lurk about like vampires, hiding under umbrellas, hats and sun shirts.

  3. LeendaDLL Says:

    I'd probably be one of those fools getting their "base burn" on. Living in SoCal, I did lots of that nonsense in the 70s and 80s and, despite having had 2nd degree sunburn, it's still ingrained in me.Your new banner + avatar is freaking me out.

  4. cat Says:

    Lol, I know, I've got some weird freaky clown thing happening – this guy was on the top of a poker machine at one of our local pubs. I don't have the clown fear.STOP sunbaking, you'll look like you're about 5010 when you're 50.

  5. Emjay Says:

    That tuk-tuk is so modern!! You should've seen the ones I rode in 1981. It's the same in all the Asian countries – the locals cover up and the tourists strip down. I love the way the women walk around under lovely umbrellas – in China I bought a couple for myself – which I never opened once I got home.

  6. crankypants Says:

    I thought the tuk-tuks were the little motor scooter driven things, what are they called then? That looks much better than the motor scooter things I've seen on TV, they look scary as hell.
    I spent most of my summers at the beach and then went a bit goth/punk in high school so I htink I saved my skin quite a bit till I was in my mid 20s. I never baked that much but I always got a good tan for a few years when I was living at the beach, though eventually I was always working during the days. Now I stay pretty much the same sickly pale yellow olive color all year. But my oldest sister–she's the one with the spotty leathery looking chest since she is still a beach bum, and my middle sister is the pale one who mostly burns. And of course now that I am older and see how some people my age look, I'm glad I didn't overdo it. It's just not worth it, but you can't see it when you are 20, you don't think you'll end up looking like an old catcher's mitt like Magda in There's Somethign About Mary.
    LOL @ the lady with the red face and sunglass marks–I call that The Reverse Racoon. It happened to me once when I was out on a boat and was wearing my Jackie O glasses. After that I wore smaller rimless glasses if I was gonna get any color.

  7. What beautiful beaches and wow on the hotel pools. Looks like a real vacation.

  8. LeendaDLL Says:

    I've pretty much stopped at home but a vacation in Thailand would probably regenerate the pattern.

  9. cat Says:

    sigh, already just memory – over way too fast

  10. cat Says:

    Well that was the only one I saw that looked like that.

  11. cat Says:

    Not sure. There are a lot of scooters around that will take you places. One guy offered to take both Lloyd and I at the same time. Often see three on a scooter. The tuk tuk drivers are mad. Road rules seem to be a gentle suggestion rather than an enforceable law.
    I couldn't help laughing at the reverse racoon but she must have known she looked ridiculous. And of course my daughters saw her first and you know how mean teenage girls are. I have one daughter who sunbakes and one who doesn't. We'll see how they age.

  12. crankypants Says:

    Oh here, this is what I was thinking of, looks like your picture except for the front is scooter. I'd much rather ride in the green thing! (holy crap, I typed it out and went back to look and it said "die" instead of "ride" ooops, I'd rather not die in either)

  13. cat Says:

    lol, its even an official taxi – I didn't see any like that where we were
    I was actually wondering once, when we were speeding along overtaking a bus on a corner, what the road fatality numbers are over there

  14. PeteGraham Says:

    Slip, slop, slap, seek, slide. 5 words the UK should learn when they are abroad.

  15. cat Says:

    yeah, you guys are the worst! Poor sun deprived things

  16. PeteGraham Says:

    I'm half expecting the government here to invest billions of our money into a Snowburn risk analysis campaign. Bastards.beautiful pictures here Cat. In fact I've really enjoyed reading all of the blogs you have done about your holiday. Certainly a better way to spend the holiday season than mine!

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