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the plane, the plane and karon January 2, 2010

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Out of the 11 of us who went, two have a fear of flying. Both mine. Husband and daughter. And for some reason they both watch air crash investigation religiously.


This was probably the longest day of my life. We were up at 5am one day and didn't get to bed until 2.30am the next day. The trouble with Australia is that its so big. It can be disheartening to realise that you've been flying for over four hours and that you're still flying over Australia. It was an 8 hour flight to Bankok from Sydney. Must give Thai Airways a rap though. Their service was very good. And I did eat the food despite Emjays warning. We had potato salad with shaved turkey, then chicken sliced in red curry with bamboo shoot, steamed thai hom mali rice and stir fried mixed vegetables. Then later we had stir fried prawn with black bean sauce, rice noodles and choy sum.

At Bankok airport we walked about 40 kilometres to get to the transfer point for Phuket. Then it was an hours flight to get there.

Stepping out of the airport it was pretty hot and humid. But easier for us I guess coming from a hot australian summer than people coming from Europe. Taxi drivers everywhere but we had a driver booked and he was waiting there for us and we were soon off on a 30 minute drive to Karon.

I think we broke every australian road rule within the first ten minutes. Speeding, no seat belts, driver talking on the mobile phone, overtaking on blind spots, driving on the wrong side of the road. The roads are mad there. Bikes and scooters everywhere. Not unusual to see three on a scooter and a lot of women have little bamboo chairs tied in front of them where a little kid sits.

We were glad to arrive and get booked in and into bed at last. Daz and I only had a couple of hours sleep before we had a phone call from home saying there'd been a huge storm and my car was hail damaged. They didn't know it was 4.30am. So I couldn't get back to sleep so we went for a walk around the streets of Karon Beach before breakfast.








Like I said, everyone rides scooters. You can buy petrol in old vodka cruiser bottles. Just by the roadside there are stalls with rows of cruiser bottles full of petrol. This is the workers car park where we stayed.



And there are dogs everywhere. And they all look well fed and most have collars. They're just allowed to roam. But they never bother you. I never had one take any notice of us. We had a look inside a school yard and there were about a dozen dogs just lazing around on the grass. I never saw them fighting either. Always on the beach as well. Even if you're sitting outside eating they don't come up to you. I know that as well as the elephant sanctuary and the gibbon sanctuary there is a dog sanctuary as well though.



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16 Responses to “the plane, the plane and karon”

  1. Shutterbug Says:

    It sounds like you all had a wonderful time! I really love the picture of the pooch in the basket….that's the most laid-back dog I have ever seen! :o)

  2. cat Says:

    well he does live on the beach in Thailand, pretty relaxing for him – lots of them drive around like this with their owners, or in the tuk tuks with their paws up on the dash

  3. Ninja Says:

    Yeah, tell us about your ride in the tuk-tuk! They're fantastic for getting around the town.

  4. scorpion1116 Says:

    Fascinating! Especially about the dogs. I wonder if most of them are spayed or neutered. Seems to be the way to go if policy is to let them roam. Sounds like a great trip.

  5. cat Says:

    oh yeah, especially when they race each other!!

  6. cat Says:

    yeah, I'm not sure – I didn't get close enough to them to check – interesting though I didn't see any cats – and I don't think its because of the dogs, they must just be dog people. I did see one dog tied up every day outside a shop with food and water – me must have been spewing he couldn't roam around like the others, and one little terrier used to run around in a silk spiderman jacket

  7. Margy Says:

    What fun! Looks like lots of chaos, sun and adventure. Have a good trip.

  8. cat Says:

    sigh, back now unfortunately, all over too fast, and yes, very chaotic!

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    HEY… you got on [This is Good]… congrats!!

  10. cat Says:

    Oh really! have to go look. I never look at that page because I'm just always logged on I seem to bypass it.

  11. LeendaDLL Says:

    i rarely notice because there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it changes anymore – something will stay up for 2 weeks then it will change daily for a week. but i happened to notice the word "thailand", figured it was you and scrolled down to confirm.

  12. cat Says:

    Funny – I have another vox neighbour who was in Thailand the same time as me and my sister (emjay) has a neighbour who has just been there as well. Must be the happening place.

  13. NOOS Says:

    I didn't know you are in Thailand. Looks like you have a good trip. 🙂

  14. cat Says:

    Back now unfortunately. Saving my money for Vietnam next. Or maybe Hong Kong.

  15. OptamissTIK Says:

    Congrats on making [Culture Is Good]Your post made me nostalgic for Phuket!

  16. cat Says:

    yeah, we have some funny memories from there – would definitely like to go back but to the north but then there are so many other places out there – like Vietnam. And Hawaii. Or Vegas. Shall just start saving again.

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