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flummoxed…….Thailand countdown day 2 December 18, 2009

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Today the lady at the bank flummoxed me.

But I was doing something else at the same time so I didn't realise she'd flummoxed me until I got home.

I said to her

if I lose my credit card in Thailand is there a number I can ring?

and she said

yes, it's on the back of the card

But now I see that thats not really going to work.

Nevermind, because my day 2 plan involved researching phone numbers for mastercard, all the places I can use a mastercard in Thailand, and where to ring if I lose it,  phone numbers for local police, tourist police, the australian embassy and hospitals. I have sent copies of all our passports and insurance details to Emjay and filled in my travel journal with her phone number and my brothers details.

Honestly, I should have been a wedding planner. No stone is left unturned.

I have just finished cleaning out the fridge and tomorrow I will give the house a quick hoo ha. Because even though I am a terrible housekeeper, there is nothing worse than coming home after a nice holiday, to a dirty house. I have set up a light on a timer to come on each night so Betty isn't scared and I'm considering setting up the airconditioner to come on for a few hours each day for her so she won't be too hot. I haven't decided yet if this is really needed. Daz thinks it is but he is a city boy. I grew up on a farm where dogs lived on chains and had a log to sleep in.

I have bought our little baggies to put all my dangerous liquids and explosive lipsticks in, I have returned my library books, asked the neighbour to put out our rubbish and I am now about to take off my toenail polish, snip my nails down a bit and coat them with a cheery holiday colour. Which I wish was green but I couldn't find a nice one.

And thats about it for today I think.

If I've forgotten anything, feel free to let me know.

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33 Responses to “flummoxed…….Thailand countdown day 2”

  1. cat Says:

    lol, yes softly sleepy has never been my speciality – I just like to go away knowing I don't have to worry about anything

  2. Apolline Says:

    :))) Sure ! … But, one day, try the receip " softly sleeping" and you'll give me some news about that ! … ^^^ Have a nice day !…

  3. LeendaDLL Says:

    you're right, you should have been a wedding planner!i travel nearly the opposite of you… pack clothes and a min of makeup and sundries then figure anything i forgot can be purchased there (and becomes an instant souvenir of my trip – I still cherish my airport tshirts and SF sneakers).i hope you have a great time!! whether or not you moblog for us, I hope to see lots & lots of photos (esp of you in that cool swimmer) when you return!

  4. cat Says:

    Not sure what the internet situation is like there – pretty good I think. And I've already bought another memory card so I can take a zillion photos.

  5. Ninja Says:

    – Make sure your Australian mobile phone has call roaming enabled before you go. – Ensure your passport has at least 5 blank pages left and is valid for at least another 6 months prior to expiry.- Got your Australian-Thai plug adaptor?- Got some Thai Baht handy for the airport to hotel cab ride? – Go to and plug in the latest Baht-AUD exchange rate into your phone so that you have a ready reckoner of how much things cost. They all add up very fast if you don't get your financial bearings quickly.- Travel light- Keep a close watch on your bags at all times.- Have fun!

  6. cat Says:

    check – phone roamingcheck – passport goodcheck – got the adaptor plus a 4 plug power board to plug into itcheck – got a great wad of bahtcheck – exchange rate in plus calculator packedcheck – only 8 kilos packedcheck – bags will be in sight at all timescheck – lots of fun expectedyou must be as obsessive compulsive as I am

  7. Ninja Says:

    Oh yes. I get all my travel info into a folder and carry that with me. Those phone numbers always come in handy. I've done enough of these trips to know what can go wrong. I'll be expecting tonnes of pics.

  8. Katiebell Says:

    When I used to travel overseas a lot (and its been a while ago). I took photos of my passport and vaccination card and emailed them to myself, so at least in areas with email I had a nice color copy to show or print. Luckily I never lost or had mine stolen. I think you are going to have a great Holiday. Internet in Thailand, especially in the beachy areas, where visitors go should be excellent.

  9. cat Says:

    Exactly. My husband asked me if I was taking my laptop! I was like, are you kidding, I'm not going overseas to spend time on the computer. But running my own business I will have to check in every now and then. Good idea 99, sending copies to myself. I've sent them to my sister and printed a copy for myself and written down the numbers in my journal, but I guess another copy somewhere wouldn't hurt.

  10. Snowy Says:

    Hey Cat, you have just the bestest time. You've already earned it. And be warned, keep any eye on that Jem. I'm told she can get you into a lot of trouble…

  11. cat Says:

    lol, I don't even want to think about the two of us together over there yet – we'll just let the fun begin once we touchdown – actually we have a night out in Sydney to get through Sunday night before we even fly out Monday morning – I think this holiday is going to be bigger than ben

  12. Snowy Says:

    You're going to have a ball. Happy for you all. Oh, and if you get time, have a Merry Xmas.

  13. Doug Says:

    Your holiday is a little bit like Hannibal crossing the alps. Wow, did you think of everything.

  14. An Ex-Expat Says:

    One suggestion; when you arrive and check in at wherever you will be staying, pick up a packet of matches bearing the address of the hotel in case bearings are lost later one and an address is needed to get you back.

  15. cat Says:

    good idea – do they still have those little packets of matches, my grandfather collected them when he travelled

  16. cat Says:

    lol, maybe I could hire myself out as a holiday planner

  17. or a production manager/associate producer in film. you are MADE to organize film shoots! phew! ~ have fun ~

  18. cat Says:

    I can now – all I have to do is a last chance wash then pack later today.
    When my kids were little I'd organise their birthday parties like a military operation. Every minute the guests were there was accounted for. I'd even allocate drink times and bad luck if they wanted one at different time. They always ran very smoothly.

  19. I have been to Thailand more times than I can count, and the only preparation I did was pack my underwear, cash, and passport. and I had an awesome time every time. It's a very tourist friendly place.

  20. cat Says:

    Yes, everyone who has been there seems to love it. Haven't heard a bad thing – except someone being scammed by jet ski guys

  21. well, if i ever decide to make a movie, i'm hiring YOU! 😀

  22. Shutterbug Says:

    It sounds like now it's time to kick back and have an exciting vacation. I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! :o)

  23. cat Says:

    lol, yes, I need a rest now – just about to pack, then I'm donestay tuned

  24. G Says:

    uh…I am flummoxed myself at your way of travelling…it's….it's…I dunno…let's just say kind of…utterly different from how i travel…which sometimes is not knowing a damn thing about anything or even the language of the country at all…like in this old example…

  25. cat Says:

    well it makes me happy – and don't forget I'm organising travel for six people, not one

  26. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!

  27. cat Says:

    thanks – looking forward to it now – well I was always looking forward to it, but you know what I mean

  28. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Match books are pretty much a thing of the past here in the U.S., but from where I been in Asia (which doesn't include Thailand) seems no self-respecting hotel would be without them.

    Am envious as I look out the window and see there's close to a foot of snow on the ground and the snow is still coming down.

  29. Just want to tell you Happy Trails, Cat! Everyone have a marvelous time. You've been getting ready for this for awhile, tooootally exciting. 🙂

  30. cat Says:

    Ithanks – it seems we booked it years ago and now suddenly here it is

  31. L Says:

    lol! just saw your card comment and yes its true! I had my wallet stolen while in London and there were some hearty curses thrown down on the heads of the idiots who left recorded messages for me to listen to telling me that this was not the right number to call for a replacement card and that i should be calling the number on the back of the card – the back of the now stolen cardi eventually called my mum in the states and made her give me the number on the back of her card… but you'd think they could at least transfer you if you manage to get the right card company!

  32. cat Says:

    hahaha – its ridiculous, absurd

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