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countdown to Thailand… day 3 December 16, 2009

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Back on track. But so hot here today. And windy. And stuffy.

So today is get all the final little bits and pieces I want to add to the pile.

I know it looks like there's a lot of wet ones there but I'll be the one laughing when there's no toilet paper somewhere we go. They they'll all be calling for me.

Muesli bars because Emjay has convinced me I must never eat on a plane for fear of food poisoning. Because then there will only be 2 toilets between hundreds of people. And my wet ones would be in high demand then.

Diarrhoea tablets, because….. well because its starting to sound like I have some fixation with toilets and bowels.

Lots of antiseptic handwash, allergy tabs because I always get itchy and ear wax because my ears get sore in water. I think I only need to add panadol and mylanta.

I'm sure I can buy all this stuff over there for half the price. I should have been a girl guide. Apprently you can get all your prescription meds there with no prescription really cheap.




And I'm cashed up in baht now. I felt like I was carrying a brick around in my handbag. Just enough for us all to get through a few days.



And now I'm off to take up my temple pants.  Bought a pair of light white longs in case we go anywhere where they like you to be fully covered.

Which means getting out the trusty old sewing kit. Look, it even has white cotton.



Then its off to my doctor to see what he thinks about what the hospital doctor told me and advised.

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10 Responses to “countdown to Thailand… day 3”

  1. Kzinti Says:

    You can never have too much arse wipe….

  2. OptamissTIK Says:

    I want to pack a mini-you when I next go away – I'm never that organised!!!And yeah, you can get all sorts of fun meds with no prescription in Thailand. Not sure about bringing them back to Oz though…

  3. What no insect repellent? Mr FD now travels with a roll of paper towel after being left without a bath towel in the Phillipines! The air line food from Aust is fine – it is on the return flight I would worry!
    I am so excited for you. I hope the trip is everything that you could hope for. I also hope that the engineer walk off today doesn't escalate!

  4. cat Says:

    yes yes there is insect repellent – somewhere, must be with the sunscreen in the shopping bag still
    you won't convince Emjay about the food – she was adamant

  5. cat Says:

    yes, I hear viagra is popular
    someone did tell me that when they go over there they stock up on migraine medication and bring it back because its so cheap

  6. Crush-Monkey Says:

    You are totally organized!!!! : )

  7. cat Says:

    yep, just about I think

  8. the joys of being prepared. you crack me up. but i'm thoroughly impressed by your thoroughness : ) have a wonderful adventure. i hope you don't have to use even half of those things!

  9. cat Says:

    lol, you should see me run a kids birthday party!

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