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the stairs of rue foyatier November 30, 2009

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Here's something interesting that happened the other day.

You may have seen this tile I made using one of Papas photos. It was taken in Paris in 1957.



Anyway, last week someone bought it, then sent me an email asking if I did any custom work. Turns out this lady had been to paris last year with her husband and said she had a photo of him in the same spot and could I make a similar tile using it. So I told her to email it to me and I'd have a look.

Well, she wasn't joking, and in fact if her husband wasn't actually in the photo it would just about be spot on. So I managed to make it pretty similar and these are going to be his christmas present.


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15 Responses to “the stairs of rue foyatier”

  1. Your father's photo is more romantic, and better. The other one just looks like a tourist snapshot. But you don't have to tell the lady that. 😉

  2. cat Says:

    well we need him not to be in it and it'd look better, lol, also I couldn't remember what I did to the top on to give it that effect so was never going to get the second one exactly the same

  3. Ninja Says:

    If those trees, cobblestones and wrought iron rails could talk, I wonder what stories they would tell!

  4. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Whoa! See what you mean. Funny though that the trees have not grown as much as they might be expected to.

  5. Steve Betz Says:

    Very cool — if not for the change in clothes style and the growth of the trees, you'd have a hard time knowing the difference!

  6. cat Says:

    they've had some people go by – through the war as well

  7. cat Says:

    yes, I thought the same

  8. cat Says:

    she must have been surprised to find my old shot – its nice how its stayed the same

  9. Worker Says:

    they are great pictures to compare the change of time…what a great christmas present.

  10. cat Says:

    yeah, its a pretty cool idea, hope he likes it

  11. Kzinti Says:

    That is an awesome picture. He sure took some very interesting shots. Not to mention all the locations he visited to do that.

  12. cat Says:

    yes, he went to some amazing places considering he came from a small country town in Australia – miles away from anywhere in the 50's

  13. Kzinti Says:

    It's not so much that he appeared to be a man of the world, but more of a gentleman of the world.

  14. when places and moments overlap like this, it's a little bit wondrous, i think. all of us somehow riding along the same loops of history.

  15. cat Says:

    Yes, its like groundhog day forever….. and ever.

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