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last chance training November 27, 2009

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Yep, this morning was my last chance training session. Because tomorrow is the day I go shopping for a pair of swimmers.

See, I've been trialling this new way of living where I take one day at a time. Just live that day. Don't worry about the future and forget about the past. The one flaw with this plan is that one day you happen to glance at your calender and realise you'll be leaving for Thailand in three weeks and don't have a thing organised.

So I'm off to the big(ish) smoke tomorrow on the dreaded swimming costume search. I will have an egg on toast and a glass of juice before I go so I feel fortified and strong. You don't want to risk any mid afternoon blood sugar level drops because that could lead to depression and feelings of self loathing.

One thing you must remember when trying on swimmers is that there will be none of those awful change room down lights that show up every dimple of cellulite, on the beach. Another thing to remember is that 99% of people are perfectly average just like you. So unless there happens to be some sort of super model convention happening where we are I should be fine. And if there is…… well best not to even contemplate that.

But I am shopping for swimmers at a great time. I've just lost 7 kilos so I'm feeling pretty damn fine and this morning I managed to fit into a pair of size 10 Cue pants which didn't hurt the self confidence either. Plus it means I have something to wear to my nephews wedding next weekend.

But the main thing going in my favour are the people I'm travelling with. There will be my daughter Kimba and her friend Nat, both 21, almost 6 feet tall and gorgeous, and there will be Lizzie, 17, beautiful, all dark and mysterious. So no ones even going to be looking at me.

Of course Jem will be there as well. She's 5 years younger than me at 40. She's at that difficult age where you still feel like you have to show you've still got it. Whereas once you hit (almost) 46, you're not as hard on yourself. I mean there comes a time where you just have to say, this is it. This is me. I eat healthily, (well, except for the wine, but its not going anywhere) and I exercise like a demon, and this is as good as it's going to get. And its not that bad.

However, having said all that, I still find shopping for swimmers to be the most horrendous job out there. Hopefully it all goes to plan.

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20 Responses to “last chance training”

  1. OptamissTIK Says:

    Good luck girl! Trying on swimmers is yuck. Losing 7kgs is awesome though. I may have to buy a bike and follow your lead, as I find it hard losing 1kg!!!I find it so hard to find swimmers that aren't for 16 year olds – with no bum and no boobs… I've resorted to this website for help on finding a bikini that can contain 'the girls': – may be able to give you some hints to what styles/brands etc you like?

  2. cat Says:

    its the calorie counting I think – I've been counting every bitelike all those magazine articles that say they have a swimsuit for every body but then show the same body type model in all of them – tall, skinny and tannedI was just looking at that site actually. I'm after this pair, saw them in a magazine a while back, David Jones are holding me a pair to try on tomorrowharbourside

  3. OptamissTIK Says:

    They're awesome!! A little bit retro, but very fashionable too. There is a store at Broadway Shopping Centre on the top level, next to Target that stocks Jets… I can't for the life of me remember its name though but its a lingerie shop with a selection of Jets… maybe you can try there if you need to?So, if you've lost 7kg… tell me, how many calorie's are you consuming/day? I might give calorie counting a go…

  4. cat Says:

    A measly 5000 kilojoules. I bought the latest weight watchers magazine and they had a five day meal plan and even though they use points I worked out it was 5000 a day. They seem to fit a lot in to that 5000. But the thing that really got me started was Tyra Banks. I was watching her one night and they had this Nivea Skinny Jeans Challenge on. So I found the site and followed the meal plans for a couple of weeks to get on track. But then I got sick of eating the same thing all the time so I started using this software I bought years ago that adds up everything you eat. You can just do it on their web site now as well. You put in age, weight, how much you want to lose and they give you a meal plan for every day. And their recipes are all for one serve as well which is good. And you can still have dairy and bread. No alcohol though, but I always trade something else for that. Like a don't have the glass of juice, I have a glass of wine. Still seems to work. calorie king

  5. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Good luck on your shopping trip! : )

  6. cat Says:

    thanks, I'm feeling optimistic

  7. Shutterbug Says:

    I wish you the best of luck! :o)

  8. Inga Says:

    5000 kj even on the days you run? Holy crap. I think I would pass out.

  9. I still lament the day swimmers with skirts went out of fashion! Daughter1 came home with a pair for me last year that were especially made for "women with a tummy" issue. They specialise now – tiny boobs, big hips, big butt they make suits to fit. I think that at size 10 you have little to worry about – perhaps just life savers plucking you from the shallows!

  10. cat Says:

    I run so I can drink

  11. cat Says:

    Well I don't like to boast, but I don't have the size 10 boobs, more like size 14, so that makes things tricky, by the time you get things to fit one end they don't fit the other.There's a lady in Newcastle who makes retro style swimmers with the skirts, they look they have lifeguards in thailand? I picture little thai men hefting large australian and european tourists around

  12. Rev Stan Says:

    Urgh I hate buying swim stuff and have always opted for a black one piece in the past. But when I did my first stay-in-one-hotel-and-do-a-lot-of-relaxing-holiday I realised that one pieces just aren't practical. I haven't worn a bikini since I was 14 so opted for a tankini instead and haven't looked back as it gives you that midriff coverage but in a two-piece.I've got 2 weeks and five days to go before I fly to Thailand. Had to have one of my jabs today – arm feels really bruised, but it will be worth it. Can't remember if I've already asked but where is it you are going?

  13. cat Says:

    I bought a fantastic pair that I love – I haven't been this happy in a pair of swimmers since I was 20. We are going to Phuket – how long are you staying?

  14. Rev Stan Says:

    That's really great, glad you found some you liked.I'm going for 10 days – 9 days on Koh Ngai and a day in Bangkok on the way home. How about you? It's my first time on one of the islands but have done a lot of the mainland including Bangkok before. Can't wait but I always get nervous in the lead up to traveling which I hate. Once I'm on the plane and its too late to worry about anything I'm fine.

  15. cat Says:

    I haven't been there at all before – it all looks beautiful and I've never spoken to anyone who's been there that didn't love it. I'd like to go to Vietnam next. That place looks amazing as well.My husband is a terrible flyer. I refuse to sit next to him on the plane. The doctor is going to give him some zoloft before we go to calm him down and I've banned him from watching Air Crash Investigation until we get back. At least its not a huge flight from here – 8 hours to Bankok then another hour to Phuket. We will be there for christmas which is nice, don't have to worry about it this year at all.

  16. Rev Stan Says:

    *laughs* but it must be awful if you don't like flying. I work with someone who is terrified and had to sit next to her on a flight once. It was only an hour and she spent the whole time rocking back and forth. I can't imagine spending that long in a permanent state of fear.Vietnam is on my list too. I spent five days in Cambodia as part of my Thailand trip and it was amazing and moving.This holiday is very much about lots of R&R with good doses of yoga and snorkeling. Bought my snorkeling gear today – first time I've had my own. Luckily my brother is a keen snorkeler and could advise me on how to get the perfect fitting mask, what's worth spending a bit more on and what isn't. I wouldn't have had a clue. My Christmas shopping is almost entirely focused on my holiday!

  17. Paxton Says:


  18. cat Says:

    bloody americans – don't know how to speak english

  19. homebody Says:

    Based on every picture you've posted here, you look fantastic. And I'm guessing most of those photos fall in the "before" phase. Enjoy your fabulous self and your new swimwear!

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