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QotD: It’s a Zoo in Here! November 17, 2009

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What's the first exhibit you visit at the zoo?

I personally find the zoo to be the most depressing place you could ever visit. I know they've come a long way but they're still bloody awful places so I try to avoid them.

However I did once have young children, and its pretty hard to get away with never taking them to the zoo. I refused to take them to the circus so I gave in on the zoo.

And it only cost an arm and a half a leg for the admission fee. Hopefully they're spending it all on more improvements.

So I did like the elephants. I'd like to get in there and touch one, feel the texture.

hey, I'll probably be able to in Thailand – they're probably all over the place being made to make tourists happy



And I like the meerkats – they're always too much.

This one obviously wasn't sitting in an armchair, but he was just asking to be put into one.





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16 Responses to “QotD: It’s a Zoo in Here!”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    I always enjoyed visiting the zoo; then, when I was leaving, I'd realize what I'd been looking at, and was brought right down.
    I think for the smaller animals, their environment can be reproduced quite successfully – but for the large, herd animals…they must be…so lonely.

  2. cat Says:

    The primates are the saddest

  3. and when there are only approximately 700 mountain gorillas left in the wild at the moment, and those live smack in the middle of an unstable, war-torn area rife with bush-meat poachers, it's not difficult to understand that keeping some of these primates captive may be the only way their species survives at all. it's deeply disturbing for me not only to visit zoos — for the feeling Aubrey just said, how lonely (and depressed) the animals seem — but also to know that in a not too distant future so very many species will only exist in zoos and our children (or our children's children) won't even remember them in any other context. it will become "normal" to them to only see these animals in controlled environments. we are eating up their natural habitats so quickly and so thoroughly that many species cannot possibly survive in the wild. we can only hope, it seems, that our understanding of what these animals need and the design of these controlled environments will evolve for the better.a little bit of a depressing rant from a stranger but i hope you don't mind.

  4. Farfaraway Says:

    I, too, refuse to patronize zoos and circuses. I'm adamantly opposed to both. Sanctuaries are a different story, but absolutely NO WAY will I visit and "enjoy" animals in prison. I went to our local zoo last winter on a Sunday when I was lonely (accompanied a friend, her husband and their toddler son), and I was reminded of all the reasons I refuse to go: gorillas eating and playing in their own vomit, elephants standing inside a dusty building leading out into a tiny courtyard, tiny monkeys inside a dank, smelly building hunched up together on metal bars. It was utterly depressing and revolting.
    Sorry…guess that's another rant! 🙂 I'd much rather take children out into nature and enjoy wildlife where it belongs.

  5. cat Says:

    Theres a zoo at Dubbo thats not as bad. They larger animals like elephants and giraffes have huge paddocks. Sometimes they're so far away you don't even get to see them. The zoo in Sydney has made a lot of improvements but its still depressing.

  6. cat Says:

    lol, no I don't mind – I totally understand your frustration. The zoo in Sydney is much more into raising awareness of the dangers these animals face in the wildnow . They have huge boards outside every enclosure with information about it all.
    It will be a pretty ordinary world after we've wiped out all the species besides ourselves.

  7. I agree. Earth will be a mighty lacklustre place without all these other forms of life to share the planet with us. Isn't the Sydney Zoo where that 7-year-old boy broke into the reptile area and killed several exotic and rare lizards? That was disturbing on a whole different level!

  8. cat Says:

    I don't know – I didn't hear about it if it was Sydney – sounds nasty

  9. Just looked it up — it was at the Alice Springs Reptile Center not Sydney. But yes. Very nasty.

  10. Farfaraway Says:

    Our zoo is actually considered one of the best…and we have a nationally-known "face" in Jack Hanna, who does lots of TV appearances on the Jay Leno show, etc. But no matter how "good" it is, you're right, it's still very depressing.

  11. L Says:

    there are loads of elephants in thailand – most of them being made to keep the tourists happy (unless they're the rare white ones, then they're in the kings sanctuary) but you can buy bags of food and feed them, and pet them and take pictures with them for a few baht. they're really lovely animals, and their skin texture is crazy weird.

  12. cat Says:

    Looking forward to going to the sactuary – and avoiding the rest

  13. One extra note for those of your neighborhood/friends who might be interested: There's an old RadioLab show about zoos that is interesting:

  14. cat Says:

    thanks – can't wait – four weeks to go

  15. Kzinti Says:

    My brother is one of those working to make habitats more for the animals and less for the people. He loves what he does and has great success at captive breeding programs because of it. And I know from meeting lots of his friends and acquaitances from around the globe that there are many sharp people out there who really get it and are doing all they can to make a difference.

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