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365 days November 5, 2009

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I'm still doing my photos but I always forget to post them. So to the week that was whenever it was.

This is a little bottlebrush that grows in our front yard. Its a pretty little thing. The flowers just curl out of the buds over a day or two.




Lol. This is something that I think Kimba made for me about 12 years ago. I sent them to pottery classes over one lot of school holidays and now I have all these strange pottery creations about the house. This one sits in the kitchen. Always gives me a smile.




One day I woke up, turned my calender and found this. It really wasn't enough information to know what I was meant to be doing. I can't remember what it turned out to be.




Bacon is always good.




Betty having a nanna nap




The cook at the old peoples home I volunteer at makes the most beautiful cakes. She has two lucky sons. I think Lloyd would have liked to have grown up in that kitchen.




And this was yummo. It was a strawberry/kiwi fruit salsa that we had with salmon fillets.



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3 Responses to “365 days”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Pretty photo…cute photo…some sort of mathamatical equation…hmmm…sleepy doggy…hmmm…colors…

  2. cat Says:

    hmm, salty, fatty, slices of happiness – organic mind you

  3. Kzinti Says:

    Bacon is the cure for anything except high cholesterol.

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