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QotD: Your Choice of Beverage November 4, 2009

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If you could only drink one beverage for the rest of your life (not including water), which one would you choose?

Well thats easy.

Wine. White. Sem/Sav/Blanc preferably. Wolf Blass is good. With ice.  Although if Jem and I are out we go with the Pinot.

And in fact wine already is just about the one beverage I drink besides water. I have one coffee in the morning. Water through the day, then wine at night. I'm thinking of giving up the coffee though. I don't really enjoy it, I think I just have it out of habit.

I haven't had any wine since last Friday though. Because on Saturday I read that drinking a glass of wine is equivalent to eating a slice of bread. So I figure I ate about a loaf of bread on Friday night. I wish I could go back and never have read that. Because I find it disturbing. I don't even like bread. But I think I've just about put it far enough to the back of my mind that I'll be able to ignore it tonight.

And I wish they'd all stop harping on about how alcohol gives you breast cancer and mouth cancer and dementia and cellulite and wrinkles, because it ruins the whole drinking experience for me. Not enough to stop mind you.

I'm always surprised when people say they don't drink. Its all my parents fault I think. I seem to recall they were drinkers when I was growing up. Now they have drinks at lunch and before dinner. And my father has a wine fridge in his bathroom. He says you never know when you might get caught out.

One of Lloyds friends dropped around the other night and they shared a bottle of wine. Thats another thing. How they say on the label there are 7.bla glasses of wine in a bottle! They are obviously not using my wine glass.

Anyway Lloyd and Lauren were going to a fancy dress party and the theme was red. Laurens was in black with red red lipstick.

I did feel a little stalkerish taking photos of Laurens glass after she was gone. I was still finding lipstick on it a week later.





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13 Responses to “QotD: Your Choice of Beverage”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    isn't it odd that I don't like white wine but I LUUUUUUVV champagne?

  2. Snowy Says:

    Oh yeah? What about whisky, huh? I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for whisky…

  3. cat Says:

    ha, I'm opposite – can't do the champagne

  4. cat Says:

    lol, I wonder where you'd be

  5. Snowy Says:

    I was afraid you were going to ask where I am…

  6. cat Says:

    I thought you might not know

  7. Snowy Says:

    Only on Friday nights, like a couple of wine drinkers I know…

  8. cat Says:

    cheeky bugger

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    the headache is sooo worth it!

  10. Aubrey Says:

    Chilled champagne…or Riesling wine. I'm so light-headed, I'll get drunk on half a glass. So I guess I drink less, so that would be why I never get hung over. Whatever headaches I get I'll get on the same day/night – as sort of a warning.

  11. cat Says:

    Sensible girl. Vodka gives me a terrible headache

  12. L Says:

    wow that bread thing you included is terrible! now i'm wishing i had never read it… and to think everytime i purposely choose not to eat bread, that extra glass of wine did me in just the same….damn.

  13. cat Says:

    I know – its ruined my life. But I've just chosen to believe it can't be true. I'm very good at denial.

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