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detox derailed day one October 12, 2009

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I woke up yesterday morning and I think I heard my liver crying. It said

please don't hurt me anymore mummy.

So I decided I'd start this 7 day detox today.

Then I went to the doctor and got shot up with Hepatitis, Typhoid and Swine Flu.

I'm feeling fairly toxic and not sure if today still counts.

I'm fairly sure I won't last 7 days because I seem to have lost my willpower. I used to have loads of it and I'm not sure where it went. As Bob Dylan said – I used to care but, things have changed.

I'll probably go ok until Friday but then I think I'll have lunch with my daughters. Because that seems a bit more important somehow.

I did today have fennel for the first time though. A baby fennel sliced in a salad. Was ok, but a bit liquorice like.

It's not so much a detox as no processed food. I don't do low fat or low carb, but I do try to do low processed. So lots of fruit and vegetables. I was supposed to have a beetroot/ carrot juice for afternoon tea but I just couldn't be bothered with all the cleaning up afterwards. There's always a lot of work involved for 1 cup of juice.

Speaking of no processed. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for some bread to go with dinner and I saw these rye wraps and I thought they'd be ok, rye is always raved about, wraps are popular. Then I had a look at the ingredients and found this.



Now that is processed food.

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13 Responses to “detox derailed day one”

  1. LeendaDLL Says:

    do the numbers represent the specific product? like we have "red dye #2" (vs red dye #5)??i love that rye is the 3rd ingredient in rye bread… and a whopping 3.5% at that

  2. cat Says:

    I think they're all the same no matter what product they're in – not sure though, I just try to avoid anything with a lot of numbers. lol, yes 3.5%, no wonder they needed the colour to make it brown.

  3. Emjay Says:

    I don't like fennel and I don't like liquorice – isn't it funny that the beginning of that is liquor? That's a lot of inoculation on one day – is that for Thailand? Will you be doing malaria tablets too?

  4. Steve Betz Says:

    We've tried to get away from processed foods as well over the last couple of years — lots of fruits and veggies as you say, no fast food, and as-short-as-possible ingredient lists on packages. I really do think it helps. Good luck!

  5. Bookmole Says:

    lo processed means lo salt – that, in itself, is a good thing! And that is one heck of a lot of ingredients – given bread is flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar. And much lollling at the 3.5%!My liver has to be content with me having one drink a day. I can go days without drinking, but not if ironing is involved (tonight's Reason for a Stella!)

  6. cat Says:

    And I don't like sambucca. It wasn't as bad I was expecting though – the fennel, won't bother with it again.
    Yes I'm doing malaria tablets and cholera – I will be able to walk through fields of plagued people and glow with my innoculation.

  7. cat Says:

    I don't think enough people read labels when they shop. All the kids in this town seem to be addicted to a particular brand of instant noodle and when I told a woman that each pack had 13 grams of fat in it as well as a whole lot of other crap she was surprised.

  8. cat Says:

    Well it was a lovely brown rye colour anyway – thanks to the 150d. Salt yes, awful stuff. I don't add it to anything I cook and I never buy tinned soup because it seems to have masses of the stuff in it.

  9. Kzinti Says:

    I will be able to walk through fields of plagued people and glow with my innoculation.

  10. Jeff D Says:

    You can't make rye bread with only rye flour. Rye has no gluten so it won't react to the yeast and won't rise I've always though of flour as one of the original processed foods along with white rice.

  11. cat Says:

    still 3 % seems a bit stingy

  12. Jeff D Says:

    Yeah, but 3.5% of what? I'd assume if rye was that small a part of the mix that it wouldn't taste like rye that much. Usually it's about 2 parts wheat flour for one part rye from what I can tell (i've baked bread before but not rye bread)

  13. cat Says:

    It'll be a beautiful sight

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