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the manky toe October 8, 2009

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So this is Lloyds toe




He tells me it doesn't hurt at all and I can put my finger in there and have a poke around if I want.

A nice offer I know, but I've managed to resist so far.

I've been reading this banter on the internet between Lloyd and Kimba and their friends about his manky toe for about a month but I hadn't seen it. And since I knew he was coming home today I sent him a message saying – I do not want to see your toe. But he sent one back saying that it was my duty as a mother to look at it and suggest appropriate medical care.

Well, I said once I saw it, I think its all a bit late for that. But we'll go to the chemist and see if that last bit of nail needs to come off. She told us the new nail coming through will just push that out of the way.

Apparently when the nail came off Chicken Little tried to eat it.

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19 Responses to “the manky toe”

  1. Okay, this was the first thing I saw after having breakfast. Thank you. Gulp.Hm, horn chippings make roses flourish, why not little dogs.

  2. cat Says:

    lol, sorry – it should come with a warning I guess – it is fascinating though

  3. @_@…. egad….. *faintz*

  4. kris Says:

    I'm gagging and laughing all at the same time…you're insane. lol.

  5. Sophie Says:

    Oh my god. Why did I click this post? There I was, innocently searching vox for fun things to read.. Manky Toe… okay, I can deal with a post about a manky toe… the huge picture of it, I was not prepared for. Ack.

  6. M-----l Says:

    Does anyone know internet-speak for "vomiting all over my monitor". VAOMM, perhaps?

  7. cat Says:

    ha – you have to think of it as an exotic creature

  8. cat Says:

    I know! – I said – I don't wanna look at it – then when I saw it I was – I have to take a photo of that!

  9. cat Says:

    Well I wanted everyone to experience the full effect of it you see. The hobbit toe hairs are a nice finishing effect I think.

  10. cat Says:

    Oh, you're all soft.

  11. Kzinti Says:

    Wow… That looks… Gross. Kewl. Can I touch it? LOL

  12. cat Says:

    I know what you mean – before I'd seen it I never wanted to see it but now the more I see it, the more curious I get about it. I can see myself touching it before the day is over.

  13. Ninja Says:

    Damn, how can this not hurt???? What did Daz do to his toe?

  14. cat Says:

    Thats what I said – didn't that hurt? Its Lloyds toe – he said it must have happened somehow during their AFl grandfinal about a month ago. He didn't feel it happen but woke up that night with it sore. Since then it has progressed to this. Although he went to park life last weekend and I don't think that helped – having a few hundred people jumping up and down on it.

  15. cyndia Says:

    omg… I cringed when I saw that!

  16. Candy Sparks Says:

    gross… i want to puke… so yucky!

  17. cat Says:

    Candy – I was wondering where you were!

  18. cat Says:

    I didn't realise the toe was going to be so confronting, I guess you have to live with it for a while to be comfortable with it

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