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QotD: Falling for Fall October 4, 2009

What's your favorite thing about fall?

My favourite thing about autumn is that its a long way away. Because I'm not a fan of the cooler weather.

Here, we are one month into Spring and if its anything to go by we are in for a hot dry summer.

We have been drought declared where I live for years. And lately it has been so hot, dry, dusty and windy that this is currently what I look like.



The other day my lips were so dry I couldn't open my mouth because they kept cracking in the corners. I think every person in this town keeps a tube of chap stick or carmex handy in their pocket.

If the drought doesn't break soon I think we'll evolve into something like that picture.

But even though it all sounds grim, I still hate autumn. Anyway here autumn is always windy so its not very nice anyway.



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8 Responses to “QotD: Falling for Fall”

  1. Emjay Says:

    That's a great effect!! That's what happens to my lips and fingers here in winter when the air gets really, really dry.

  2. cat Says:

    Yes, learning new tricks. Daz looks like he has some horrible herpes disease at the moment. He was working outside through all those dust storms

  3. Autumn is just hitting its stride where I live, and I absolutely love it. I think my favorite thing about the fall has to be the feeling that the beginning has ended. It's not the same feeling as an ending (no, that's what summer feels like), rather it's the feeling of accomplishment without having to say goodbye or grow up just a little more.In the States, school starts at the end of August, just before summer's fully waned into fall. By the time that fall is in full effect every year, the difficulties of beating my body into shape for soccer had ended leaving only the joys of the matches. The build up of studies is on the hill, just before the full speed descent into winter break, and there's a second of metaphorical weightlessness before things get crazy. It's a sort of pause to look back and enjoy all of the best parts of a school year before it gets gritty.I'm long done with those sorts of years, and work full time year in and year out, but the emotions attached to those sorts of school time rhythms still stick with me. I'm a sucker for a good dose of nostalgia.

  4. cat Says:

    School starts here in february, right in the hottest month so my main memories of that would be sweaty legs sticking to vinyl bus seats and bad doses of sunburn.
    And I guess we fon't really get autumn here. We sort of just go Summer – Winter. No lovely coloured leaves falling.
    lol, summer feels like the beginning to me

  5. cat Says:

    I wouldn't like that at all!!

  6. Steve Betz Says:

    Wow — that's cool, but creepy — I'm not sure which its more of!

  7. cat Says:

    definitely cool, but I guess a little creepy

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