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the screaming sakatas September 24, 2009

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Do you have Sakatas where you live? If not, they're a small rice cracker that we eat a lot of here. You'll need to know that later.

Today I'm off to get my hearing tested.

Because I have tinnitus. You know, when you have a constant high pitched noise going on in your head, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life, and there's no cure. And the doctor wants to see if it is affecting my hearing yet.

Its definitely affecting my mental stability. I'm pretty sure if they did some research into people who commit suicide they'd find about 98% of them had tinnitus. And the thought of living with it FOREVER just about does my head in completely.

However I was doing a bit of research on how people cope with it. One lady who has it told me yesterday, that you have to put the noise at the back of your mind. Or it'll drive you mad. So that was reassuring. One guy said he just imagines his head is full of birds flying around singing. Now that is definitely not going to work for me. That would put me in the madhouse.

So I cope with it by imagining that the nosie just means my brain is working. Kind of like a fridge, how it just hums along in the background. And I can ignore it most of the time. As long as I have other noise going on. So night time is the worst because the house is quiet and I'm really aware of the ringing. Someone told me that'll settle down.

But its not really a ringing, or a screeching. Mine is like having a head full of cicadas singing. Thats what I imagine when I'm thinking about it. A sunny day with a head full of cicadas.


The other day Lizzie came home from school and told me this story about a girl in her class who had written a poem and it was titled

The Screaming Cicadas

but she had spelt it

The Screaming Sakatas

Which was pretty hilarious. And now, whenever I think about my head noise, I imagine I have a head full of screaming Sakatas. Little rice crackers just going crazy.


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21 Responses to “the screaming sakatas”

  1. LOL!!! I love Sakatas, but if they began screaming I'd probably switch to wasabi-roasted peas.
    But ow, the tinnitus. I've also learned to just push it into the background, but on nights when I can't sleep and there's no other noise in the house, it can be hellish. Have you tried playing a radio or CD softly, or using an MP3 player with earbuds? That's helped me, that and a glass of wine just before bedtime.

  2. My sister has tinnitus – research has shown that listening to music, like on an ipod, helps with the noise.

  3. OptamissTIK Says:

    ha ha ha! Screaming Sakatas… made me giggle. Jeez, tinnitus… if you haven't seen that Australian movie "Noise" yet, don't… its about a guy who is suffering from it – he's also a police detective and trying to solve a murder – there's a lot of high pitched noise whenever he's in the scene, and by the end of it I thought I'd gone mad… I'm glad you don't have the stress of solving a murder in Melbourne to make yours worse!

  4. cat Says:

    I'm a really light/bad sleeper and wake up with every noise so have been reluctant so put extra noise in the room so far. I did find myself listening to the ipod at 3am the other night though. I've begun to find the next door neighbours airconditioner noise outside my window pleasant!

  5. cat Says:

    I eat sakatas anywhere – I love them. I can't open a packet because I know I'll eat the lot!I read somewhere that you should stop wearing headphones – maybe they just meant at high volume.

  6. cat Says:

    Well yes I'm glad I'm not solving any murders as well – although I do feel like committing some.

  7. An Ex-Expat Says:

    Screaming Sakatas, sounds like a rock band;s name.

  8. Tinnitus? That's really bad. I've seen it eat away the zest for life in my grandmother and a friend of my father. As far as I know it can be healed or at least get much better. Sometimes, it just disappears, sometimes acupuncture and above all relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation help.With my grandmother and my father's friend it got much better for both, after a really tough time. Hope the same will happen to you!

  9. cat Says:

    lol, well it sounds like a rock band in there sometimes – mind you a very bad one

  10. cat Says:

    Yes, I'm all cranky at the moment with it and I know a man who has it who has really changed. He experiences vertigo with his so can't drive anymore and finds it hard to follow conversation when he's in a large group. The lady yesterday told me you can't turn it off but can try to find ways to manage it. I've started having massages concentrated more on my nech and shoulders.

  11. LeendaDLL Says:

    I was lucky that my tinnitus was only REALLY bad for about a week, then off and on ever since – but usually pretty low. It usually blends into the background on it's own – but then, I live & work in busy/noisy areas. So maybe the solution is to move to a big city where you're busy ignoring 12 million sounds all the time and 1 more doesn't seem to matter.But I do love the idea of screaming rice cakes in my head!I hope they find that they can do something for you! Have you tried having your ears cleaned by a doc? I've heard that can sometimes help.

  12. Coincidentically I saw the ending of a (reliable) tv show talking about tinnitus, last night. I didn't know, but there are now 40 (!) clinics in Germany specialized on tinnitus, as so many people are concerned.An elderly man with 22 years of untreated suffering, who then found help in a psychosomatic clinic, said: "If a doctor tells you there is no cure for tinnitus, you should correct him and say 'You have no cure for tinnitus.'" Unfortunately, I missed most of the show. I think the bottom line was that it is often stress related and the treatment should start there. The same man said: "I had to find out what triggered and worsened the tinnitus and then had to learn to do the exact opposite."

  13. cat Says:

    No, they didn't need cleaning – but definitely do find being surrounded by noise helpful. But its annoying because I was someone who hated noise. Hated the tv and radio on all the time, now I have them on constantly.

  14. cat Says:

    Stress isn't the only reason it starts though

  15. I remember my grandmother got oxygen treatment and medication to improve blood fluidity. But don't remember, whether it helped.Hope the massages will do you good!

  16. I've had tinnitus for 22 years now, starting at 19. I went to the doctor who happily announced this is what I had and there was nothing to do for it, now go home. I was so mad I didn't go to another doctor about my hearing for 5 years. Anyway, it about drove me crazy the first few months, couldn't sleep. Back then there was little information and no web yet. I thought I was going to go absolutely crazy. Then at some point in the middle of another sleepless night, my mind flipped over. "I can let this ruin my life or I can live with it and move on." I started ignoring it and "habituated." It take some time. I have so many different rings and chirps and buzzing going on in my head. I keep losing my hearing too and was skeptical when I learned that when I do lose all hearing, this ringing will still be there and will be the only sound I hear. Yeesh. Water sounds help mask tinnitus, fans or anything white noise. Every time you start hearing your tinnitus, change you thinking and concentrate on some other sounds. Nights are hardest. I used to play the radio very low all night. At least there's info out there and I've never heard of a cure but will have to check into those German clinics now.

  17. cat Says:

    lol – we're off to the German Clinic!
    No, it only gets to me every now and then. I'm a very positive person and can always find the funny side of things.
    Most of the time I can ignore it but like you say night time is the hardest. I've started sleeping with the fan on. And Emjay sent me to a link that has some interesting info on it I'll have to read today.

  18. we don't have sakata crackers here, but we have rice cakes which I think are bigger than your crackers. dunno if they're the same thing…

  19. cat Says:

    no – much smaller than rice cakes – couldn't fit many rice cakes in my head could I!! You need to keep an eye out for sakatas – very yum

  20. browniegirl Says:

    LOL @ screaming sakatas. that sounds hysterical! Tinnitus is absolutely awful. Did you get any help with it?
    We have wafer thin rice crackers here in SA in different flavors. I imagine they must be the same sort of thing….I love the wasabi flavored one :o) xxx

  21. cat Says:

    Not much help so far – just trying to ignore it at the moment
    I've never tried the wasabi ones – bbq is my favourite at the moment and cheese is good as well

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