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dust storm September 22, 2009

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When I woke up this morning the house was surrounded in a red glow. It was like the house was on a movie set and we had some special lighting effect on us.

So when I got up at 6.30 this was what it looked like out the back door.

Dust. And lots of it. Over most of NSW.


And this was about half an hour ago.

And now my camera is dirty, my car is filthy and my eyes are gritty. A good day for asthmatics to stay inside and wear a mask.



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38 Responses to “dust storm”

  1. piscesgal Says:

    Eww that's like when we have brush fires here. It looks a lot like that, but with smoke.

  2. cat Says:

    Yes, it is a lot like fire sky. But gritty not ashy. Going to be a lot of cleaning up tomorrow.

  3. Paxton Says:

    Oh, freaky! It's like you woke up on Mars.

  4. Emjay Says:

    Dust makes for really dramatic photos – I especially like the top couple. There were some really good dust storms rolling across the paddocks years ago ……

  5. cat Says:

    Yes, I wish I'd been up at 5.30, would've been better then. Wind is really picking up now. I have some photos Mum took that are good.

  6. cat Says:

    Yes, but with gusty winds

  7. Shutterbug Says:

    Are dust storms common in Australia? I had no idea! The pictures you took are really cool. I would hate to clean up that mess, though!

  8. cat Says:

    Oh, every thing I touch is dirty! There's usually a couple of big dust storms each year. I don't remember us having them here until the last couple of years. A lot of NSW has been in drought now for years so its very dry. The dust travels for 100's of kilometres.

  9. Snowy Says:

    And now you're sending it up to Queensland. I can smell it now. Thanks for that, Cat. Nice shots, though.

  10. cat Says:

    Lock up the house!! It gets in everywhere. Its just windy and murky grey here now.

  11. OptamissTIK Says:

    It does get everywhere!!! The wind is getting all crazy here now too… your photos are awesome, I just stole mine of the Herald's site πŸ˜‰

  12. cat Says:

    lol, well they were awesome as wellone of the doctors here put out a warning this morning that all children under five should be kept indoors today because their respiratory systems wouldn't be able to handle it

  13. OptamissTIK Says:

    I would TOTALLY use that as an excuse to stay home if I had a child…

  14. kitty Says:

    So pretty and yet so gritty….

  15. cat Says:

    ha, definitely – you should feel how gritty my eyes are

  16. Snowy Says:

    Lock up the house!!We did, but as I'm doing floor sanding it's still pretty dusty.

  17. cat Says:

    lol, oh well, good timing then – just have to have one massive clean up

  18. Snowy Says:

    Our daughter told us about a bloke from work who caught a flight from Brisbane to Sydney. Plane couldn't land at Sydney because of dust, so returned to Brisbane, only to find it couldn't land there because of dust. Finally landed at Coolangatta. Bloke had to hire a car to return to Brisbane.

  19. cat Says:

    You'd have to try to find the funny side of that wouldn't you!

  20. Same here in Brisbane…like twilight.

  21. cat Says:

    Almost cleared here now, but freezing and overcast

  22. homebody Says:

    Whoa. The photos are gorgeous, but frightening. I hope you get some rain soon.
    Does the dust have a smell? (Since it's red, in my imagination it smells rusty.)

  23. cat Says:

    hmmm, no, no smell that I can tell – just general dusty smell – very gritty though – all that pretty red dust has gone now and there's just a dirty haze about

  24. LeendaDLL Says:

    HOLY HELL!! I think I caught a respiratory infection just from looking at the pics!Must be what Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas looked like during "The Great Dust Bowl" (early 1930s), except without the pretty red tint. I really only think about it because I recall my grandmother saying that's when she migrated to California.

  25. cat Says:

    oh wow – those pics are amazing! No wonder she moved. I've seen that one at the end of the top row with the woman and children before but not know what it was about.I'm dreading Daz getting home from work, he'll be sneezing and coughing and blowing his nose for days

  26. LeendaDLL Says:

    i only knew the one of the woman/child was related to the depression. never realized it was also related to the Dust Bowl. But it would make sense.I think G-Ma moved because jobs were gone, people were hungry, and the family farm was shot. She ended up working here as a nurse, for the rest of her life. I wish I'd been able to learn more about her youth while she was alive.

  27. cat Says:

    we never appreciate our family until its too late 😦

  28. Those pictures are amazing. Pictures from this dust storm are all over the news here, by now. But I learnt about it before the rest and from a first-hand report, ha!

  29. Thanks for posting the pics. I saw the news and came straight to vox to see if one of you posted about it. Very cool pics. I've been on dry lake beds and been in a dust white out for hours and I know how that works it's way into everything! The red just makes it feel a bit more creepy. Unique but there will be lots of cleaning. Good luck.

  30. cat Says:

    inside information you have

  31. cat Says:

    Just noticed this morning how dirty the floors are. And driving around town yesterday all the cars are filthy. But we have been given permission to use hoses, with spray nozzles even, to clean up. We are on very tight water restrictions here.

  32. cat Says:

    well thats not going to be much fun if Wednesday was anything to go by

  33. cat Says:

    It did have a smell apparently. I heard them talking about it on the radio yesterday. Some people said it had a funny smell. They said it was the iron ore in it and other pollens it picked up along the way

  34. I could smell it – yesterday I heard them say that it was due to organic matter – and of course I went straight to the mental image of manure! I suspect it is the pollen and top soil. We are getting a whole week off water restrictions to wash the dust away. We have a brick house but apparently the iron in the dust will ruin paintwork if left on houses etc. Mr FD got to share a bit of the experience in North Queensland yesterday as the dust continued north.

  35. Design Shark Says:

    I heard that on Hamish & Andy and thought of you. I'm totally glad you took pictures. Hope it's all cleaned up now.

  36. cat Says:

    We didn't clean because they said it would be bad again today. And it is. Not anywhere near as bad though. So we'll wait until tomorrow for the cleanup

  37. Ninja Says:

    I'll always remember my trip to the Hunter last week because of the dust storm on Wednesday.

  38. cat Says:

    It was a bit special wasn't it! My eyes have been full of grit every since

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