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hahahaha September 15, 2009

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My hilariousness knows no bounds.

At least I always think so.

See Kimba gave me this brilliant idea for a birthday present for her good friend Nat.

She told me that Nat was in love with Sam from Supernatural. And she wanted to make a scrapbook page with Nat and Sam getting married.

So I stole the idea and made it into a magnet for her.

Here they are on the happy day

You know it was hard to find a picture of him smiling, those Supernatural guys don't smile much do they.



But then I thought – she has to get rid of her boyfriend first so the nuptuals could go ahead. They need to have a fight.



And by then I was totally out of control.

And I got sidetracked from the wedding theme and went with the fighting theme. Because I thought I may as well add Lloyd, Kimba and Chicken Little and then they'd have the whole household to play with. Except Sam of course, because he doesn't really live there you know.



Anyway they looked pretty cool even though they were bastards to cut out. And now I've given them away my fridge looks very bare.

I can feel another set coming on.

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22 Responses to “hahahaha”

  1. Oh these are fantastic – a new made to order line for your business?

  2. cat Says:

    thanks – don't know about that, but all friends and family should expect to get them for christmas!

  3. M-----l Says:

    Those are great magnets. I'd love to make some for myself except I'd probably accidentally cut off an arm or leg (on the magnet).

  4. homebody Says:

    I was about to ask when we could order custom magnets but saw your answer to Flamingo Dancer. I was also going to use the word fantastic.)

  5. Steve Betz Says:

    Those are excellent! They look like a total bear to cut out cleanly, but what fun!

  6. scorpion1116 Says:

    What a fun idea. I love the one where even the dog gets into the act, lol!

  7. Shutterbug Says:

    These are great! I remember you mentioned something on one of my blogs about making the Sam magnet. I am so glad you posted pictures! They turned out really awesome (I especially like the last one, with the dog adding his two cents). Very clever! :o)

  8. cat Says:

    Yes, the first one is a bit rough but I got better as I went a long. The heel on the boot was nerve wracking!

  9. cat Says:

    I can have a go at making you some if you want. I wouldn't sell them though because they're a bit dodgy in places! If you had somewhere you wanted a head plopped on let me know.

  10. cat Says:

    Oh they were. I cut off Nats boot heel in the one with her boyfriend. Just one snip too far and it was gone.

  11. cat Says:

    Thanks – someone mentioned paper dolls and that started the idea. Those guys all share a house so I had to put Chicken Little in. Although I wish I'd faced her the other way now. damn

  12. cat Says:

    Before I gave them to Nat, they were on our fridge for a while and whenever you'd look at them, Lizzie would have changed them around. I really need to make some of Daz, Lizzie, Betty and I now.

  13. homebody Says:

    Seriously? That is a very nice offer. (I'll need to get M—–l's permission before sharing his photo.)

  14. OptamissTIK Says:

    you're so creative! I love those magnets – you should get your own column in 'Frankie', you should send in the pics…

  15. cat Says:

    Thanks. These were fun, but tricky. Definitely need more practice before I go trying to flog them. Hard finding the right head to match the body. Like Lloyd, there is not one photo of him not smiling. I would've liked him looking a bit meaner. But I guess you could set people up better, this was a surprise so I had to use what I had.

  16. LeendaDLL Says:

    i wanna set – they're sooo cute!

  17. cat Says:

    They are pretty cool. I think I'll make some with me starring.

  18. These are so cool!!! Make another make another!!! 😀

  19. I think you have to go commercial on these!

  20. cat Says:

    They seem popular. Maybe I just need a sharper pair of scissors, but definitely need more practice. I can make you a couple if you want. They'd be like test dummies.

  21. cat Says:

    my brain is already in action

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