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happy birthday to you September 3, 2009

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Today my baby is 17. I said to Daz, I guess we should stop treating her like she's 13, she's almost an adult. The years have flown by.

So what was going on 17 years ago that I remember. Well I was enormous because I'd put on 25 kilos, and I spent amost every day in a pair of green bib and brace overalls. I had a four year old and a two year old and we drove around in a 1964 Valiant station wagon that broke down so often the NRMA man showed me how to fix it myself. Lloyd wet his pants at playgroup, I left Kimba there, drove home to get him some clean ones, the car broke down and I sat down on the step and cried. Thats when I knew I was having going to have a baby that day.

Sure enough at 3am I woke up Daz and said lets go to the hospital. Then we stood on the front verandah and had a fight about what car we were going in. I refused to get in the Valiant. He wanted to go in the Valiant because his mother actually drove to the hospital to have him in that very same Valiant. Cheryl came out and said – for gods sake kids, just get in a car and go to hospital. We didn't go in the Valiant.

I don't have any photos of Lizzie now. She refuses to have her photo taken.

So here she is when she was little and sweet.



And here she is when she used to let me dress her up and take photos of her. God knows what the neighbours thought if they were looking over the fence.



And here's a sneaky one I got recently. Now she's sort of sweet and sour.



And here we have Jem and myself celebrating last night. I think we thought it was our birthday.





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20 Responses to “happy birthday to you”

  1. SweetMisery Says:

    she is beautiful. hope she had a great bday

  2. cat Says:

    Thanks – she tells me its a nothing birthday because you're not 16 and not 18 – they're the big birthdays here

  3. Lily Alice Says:

    "He wanted to go in the Valiant because his mother actually drove to the hospital to have him in that very same Valiant. "

  4. cat Says:

    lol – the man loves his cars

  5. OptamissTIK Says:

    All the best people are born today… Happy Bday to Lizzie – I LOVE that Doll's Revenge photo – its awesome!

  6. cat Says:

    Oh, that was fun that one. She wasn't too happy when I got the scissors involved
    Happy Birthday to you as well Miss Tik

  7. Emjay Says:

    I can't believe how fast the years have flown – the princess will be 20 next week!Happy Birthday to Lizzie ….. when's she coming to visit?

  8. cat Says:

    She's not!! I'm sick of paying for them to travel about the world while I stay home. She gets to go to Thailand. With us.

  9. Waterbaby Says:

    lol. she looks like a handful. happy birthday to the handful.

  10. cat Says:

    nah – she's the best girl you could ask for

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    surely, still a handful … apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  12. Design Shark Says:

    Happy birthday to Lizzie!!!

  13. Ninja Says:

    This is all priceless family history. Great stuff!

  14. I think I have a pretty good understanding why she won't allow you to take her photo any more – it just may have something to do with the bondage.

  15. Candy Sparks Says:

    i love seeing how baby's grow into akward humans…

  16. cat Says:

    I know, they start as as such happy simple little things

  17. cat Says:

    Oh, they turn 16 and just get all sensitive

  18. cat Says:

    Thanks – yes I'm going through and scanning in all the old photos, they're all starting to get a bit faded and I guess one day they'll disappear altogether

  19. Inga Says:

    Happy birthday Lizzie!
    My god, did it hurt getting that tattoo all the way around your arm??

  20. cat Says:

    yeah, you could say it tickled! That little soft flabby bit especially.

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