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Leaving On a Jet Plane……just August 25, 2009

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They don't make it easy to leave the country. Getting a passport approved is a long and stressful process. It all starts with the hideous passport photo then evolves problem after problem from there.

Actually I'll be surprised if we're allowed into many countries. We look like a family of psychotic axe murderers. Especially Lizzie. When I look at her passport photo it scares me. She looks like her name should be Rebel or Roxie, and she looks like she'd come around to your house and mess you up bad if you crossed her. I'd put a copy of it up here but she probably would kill me.

And the forms you have to fill in. All those little boxes that you have to stay within. They give you this tiny little box to sign your name in and they get out rulers and measure if you're a fraction out of the box. So much pressure.

But today we had our interviews and we passed (so far) even though there were a few problems. I knew there was going to be one because my second name, which is Madeline, was spelt Madeliene on Lizzies birth certificate and my marriage certificate. Pam said to me

you haven't put your middle name on Lizzies application

noooo, well there's a reason for that – and I just thought I wouldn't put it there and you wouldn't notice and we wouldn't worry about it

So some dickhead at the Births Deaths & Marriages has obviously decided my name needed some sparking up and added an e. So I had to sign two declarations stating that and that I was really known as Madeline. All this fuss I said for a name no one uses.

So then we moved on to the guarantour part of Lizzies form that Jem had to fill out. Pam said

She hasn't put the e on the end of Lizzie.

Well can't we just add one?

But then I looked over and said

oh, and she's put Lizzies middle name is Cat, not Alice.

But luckily we had a spare with that page filled out correctly. The rest of it was no good because my pen slipped when I was signing and I went out of the magic white box.

But then – also on Lizzies – Jem had to sign a box saying she'd witnessed mine and Daz's signature, but because he'd just dropped around to her place and got her to fill it all out she didn't actually witness me sign it. So when I pull out my pen and go to sign Pam says

Oh, you can't do that


She has to actually witness you do it

Ok, I'll just race around and sign it in front of her then

Ok, I don't really care what you do once you leave here

So I went to the chemist and had a look around for about five minutes, signed the form and went back. Then daz started with all this chit chat about what was Jem doing, was she still in her pyjamas, why was she at home.

I just glared at him and said

Will you shutup, I didn't really go around there!!!

But we did it. And hopefully we don't hear from Pam again and our shiny new passports will turn up in the mail.

Thailand or bust.



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18 Responses to “Leaving On a Jet Plane……just”

  1. Snowy Says:

    Just don't go pinching any bar mats, Cat.

  2. cat Says:

    lol, don't worry everyone has had that lecture already – although i was at the pub a few weeks ago and then walked to the Indian restaurant and when I got there I noticed I had a wine glass in my hand, so maybe I am the one who needs speaking to

  3. Lily Alice Says:

    I'm putting off/dreading getting everyone passports. We don't have a trip planned, but it's getting so it seems like the thing we'll all have to do. My teenaged girls don't have "as much" id as they "need," and it's become a trial. I want to avoid that altogether with the boys, if I can.

  4. cat Says:

    Here, if they're under 18 they only need their birth certificate and its the parents that need all the ID. Now I just have to organise vaccinations, seems to be a few of them required.

  5. Lily Alice Says:

    It used to be that way here, but now it's 16, and since my kids don't go to school, they don't have "official" id photos, to help with getting, well, official id. Getting id in New Jersey is very difficult.

  6. cat Says:

    They have suggested Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, Boostrix (which is tetanus, diptheria and whooping cough combination), then cholera and malaria tablets. We'll be glowing.

  7. OptamissTIK Says:

    Wow! What a procedure… at least they'll all be current for 10 years though 🙂

  8. cat Says:

    I guess thats good. Apart from the photo that I have to have for ten years. Kids only get five years out of theirs.

  9. Crush-Monkey Says:

    Hope your new passports show up FAST!! : )

  10. PeteGraham Says:

    Fingers crossed on them turning up quick. It's like you're drafting up a second copy of the official secrets act, isn't it! Lol!
    Good luck anyway 🙂

  11. Whooooo Thailand!! But what a frkn ordeal over the passports. o_O

  12. Design Shark Says:

    I can't believe they don't let you guys smile on your passports. All the agents in AU commented on how happy and friendly I looked on mine, complaining they weren't allowed to smile. It does make you look like a murderer when not allowed to smile. Wonder why that is.

  13. cat Says:

    Well they don't have to be too fast – we're not going until December

  14. cat Says:

    They only take ten days – but we're not going until Christmas. All the paperwork required is ridiculous.

  15. cat Says:

    lol, I was just about shaking before the interview I was so nervous – there are so many rules

  16. cat Says:

    Thats exactly what we look like. A friend of mine has quite prominent front teeth and she said she looks pretty awful with her mouth closed over them. Daz looks miserable in his. I said – bloody hell, you look like your mum just died.

  17. Ninja Says:

    LOL! Those bloody passport pics.. and you're not allowed to smile or leave your gob open. Some twat of a bureaucrat in Canberra dreamt that one up.Now remember, if you haven't been to Thailand before, NEVER pay the sticker price. Haggle like a fish wife (whatever the hell that is!). Your best time to buy something at a great price is early in the morning when the shops open. Thais are very superstitious people. Shopkeepers like to make their first sale happen quickly because they believe that it sets up their trading day nicely to get the first deal done smoothly. For a potential customer to walk away is not good for them, so they will be happy to have your business.And yes, employ the walk-away tactic. Be ruthless, you'll enjoy it more! But do it with poise and courtesy.Thailand's a great place, you'll love it.

  18. cat Says:

    A bit like Bali then – all that haggling. I'm looking forward to the food, we love thai food. We'll be a scene though. Old people, young people, my daughter and her friend, both 21, fair skinned, gorgeous and six foot tall – wonder what thai people will make of them.

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