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QotD: Natural Disaster August 24, 2009

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Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? If so: when, where and what happened?

Well yes thanks for asking. Only a minor one. But we were declared a disaster area so I guess it counts. It was a hail storm. About 10 minutes of massive noise and blustering winds and great destruction.

I was home with the three kids. They were all very young then. They would have been 2,4 and 6. There were two very loud claps of thunder and I just had time to go out and lock the dogs in the laundry before it started. We live in a house thats over a hundred years old so it had a tin roof then and the noise was tremendous. I sat us all in the middle room of the house because I thought the wind might smash the windows. And it did in some houses. People were finding pieces of glass stuck in the walls opposite the windows.

Lucky for us the room we were sitting in was the one where the piano was, and Lizzie (who was 2) decided it would be a great opportunity to impress us with her piano playing skills. This involved a lot of random bashing of many keys. So that made a tremendous noise as well. At the time I thought it was a bit like the band playing as the Titanic went down. But it was distraction I guess because we couldn't talk anyway over the noise of the storm

When it all ended we tried to go outside but the doors were jammed shut because the hail was piled up so high. When we got outside it was blue sky and sunshine. And a lot of water. And smashed up cars everywhere. I had this old black jaguar and it had holes smashed right through it. So that was a pretty sad end for a nice old car.

Our house held up well. The ones that were really hammered were the ones with tiles on the roof. My tomatoes and other trees in the backyard were just stripped. Just sticks. And lots of dead birds about. And some cats drowned under peoples houses.

But everyone in town got a new roof so that was good. And heaps of people got a new car out of it as well. Well, so long as your insurance was up to date.

It was our dog Billie who came out of it traumatised. She was a red cattle dog and she was terrified of storms after that. We couldn't go away for the day and leave her in the yard. Even if we were home, first sign of a storm and she'd scramble over the fence and run away. It was very annoying.

Daz missed it. He was out of town working. His apprentice had left his car outside our house and it was hammered and just about floating away. I rang them up and said – errr, I think you'd better come back to town. But he misses all the disasters. He missed the earthquake as well.

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8 Responses to “QotD: Natural Disaster”

  1. The day after our Dad died, while my sister and I were out in her car arranging his funeral, the town was hit by a hail storm and sister's car was damaged severely – we stood under a shop awning and laughed as we were both of the opinion that Dad was really pissed off about dying and was just letting every one know… I have no doubt that he was capable of such action, he was my father after all!

  2. Jem Says:

    I loved that Jag, I remember the time we drove out of town in the Jag to the old cinema to see Tank Girl with Daz and the Capt. lol

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    He has a way of leaving at the right time. Or wrong time, depending. That was an intense hailstorm.

  4. cat Says:

    lol – hate to think when my father dies then (if he ever does) – the world will probably implode

  5. cat Says:

    ha – remember the cinema!! Was like stepping into a movie itself

  6. cat Says:

    Maybe he has premonitions, lol, although no thats not his way – to leave us all in an emergencey on purpose

  7. Jem Says:

    and the old oil heaters on one side of the cinema. We were burning on one side and freezing on the

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