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365 days of photos August 17, 2009

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43 to 49

Just another example of an Australian winters morning. I took this at 6.30am last week and already the sky was a beautiful blue




An old servo we drove past. It still operates




Chicken Little – you may remember Kimba rescued her from the pound after she'd spent 8 months there.




I went to The Dr Seuss Secret Art Exhibition – amazing man




Breakfast at the foreshore




Kimba and Chicken Little. The sky is not falling anymore.




Early morning at the foreshore. The ferry had just rolled in.



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9 Responses to “365 days of photos”

  1. Snowy Says:

    Nice work, Cat. These weren't taken last Saturday morning, I take it .

  2. cat Says:

    Well, no. I wasn't up at 6.30am that day

  3. Snowy Says:

    I wasn't up at 6.30am that day Just had a feeling you wouldn't be.

  4. Shutterbug Says:

    I would love to see the Dr. Seuss exhibit!

  5. cat Says:

    Maybe it'll come your way. Well worth a look, such beautiful colours and crazy themes. Wish I'd had a few spare thousand to buy some.

  6. Waterbaby Says:

    You have sun in winter?!?!! In my area, we get five minutes of sun between November and February/March.

  7. cat Says:

    I wouldn't like that at all. We have the most glorious blue skies all year.

  8. Waterbaby Says:

    yeah, I don't like it at all either. SAD is a real problem here plus the state wears the unfortunate crown as the country's highest suicide rate.

  9. cat Says:

    I can imagine. We are heading into an early spring and I can feel the difference within myself. Even though we don't have very cold winters, I always feel happier when spring comes around. More positive.

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