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swimming against the tide August 7, 2009

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I don't usually post photos of people I don't know on the internet.

But this kid was asking for it.

Who leaves the house looking like that?

One day, (when I was a teenager), my father told me that I was The Epitome of Bad Taste. Well, he's obviosuly never met this guy.

I watched him for a while running around before I took his photo and I mean just look at him, even here he's running against the flow.

And he had to hold his lovely shorts up with one hand the whole time.

He's kind of like an Angus Young impersonator gone wrong.


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23 Responses to “swimming against the tide”

  1. Snowy Says:

    That was me in disguise, Cat. You got me.

  2. cat Says:

    lolol, good one snowy – always the individual aren't you – are you wearing a wig?

  3. Snowy Says:

    No, but I'm looking a bit older than I actually am, and behaving a bit more maturely than usual.

  4. cat Says:

    ah too much, thanks for the laugh

  5. Emjay Says:

    LOL epitome of bad taste. I think I might have got the same line when I was about 17. The economist had a teenaged friend whose mother used to dress him like your poor target. She also insisted he wear shoulder pads playing soccer. They are not friends anymore.

  6. cat Says:

    well, that mother should be shot!!

  7. PeteGraham Says:

    Ahhh Angus Young! My hero, though I would never try and imitate his sense of style, or lack thereof.AC/DC are one of my favourite bands. Absolute classics.

  8. cat Says:

    I was mad about them until Bon died. I could never take to that scottish andy capp singer. Sigh, Bon was hot.

  9. PeteGraham Says:

    LMAO! I like them for different reasons, and Brian Johnson is more Geordie than Scot, but not far off, in the grand scheme of things. I totally agree, Bon's direction for the group was way better, he was more innovative, and definitely had more stage presence – though never outshadowing Angus of course, that wouldn't be possible! – but Brian has a good voice in my humble opinion, and AC/DC make my commute and my working night or day seem so much better.I want those shorts. Though not the ones belonging to that kid, I don't know where he's been…

  10. cat Says:

    god no – his own mother probably doesn't even touch those shorts, although it seems highly dubious that he even has one, because if he did she'd lose them in the wash first chance she had
    geordie/scott/whatever he is, he ain't australian

  11. PeteGraham Says:

    LMAO! No, but then again neither am I, despite how much I wish I was…I'll be there one day.

  12. His Mum is letting him test the boundaries of his individualism … or his Mum really doesn't love him.

  13. Paxton Says:

    He's probably thinking the same thing about you. "Look what she's wearing. Doesn't she have any kids to tell her how she looks?"

  14. cat Says:

    she's probably just happy he's not a goth

  15. cat Says:

    You're probably right about that. It was so cold I had to wear my husbands Roosters beanie. Thats the football club he goes for and they're coming last on the ladder. So no doubt everyone was laughing at me.

  16. Design Shark Says:

    I think it's awesome! Where can I get a shirt like that?

  17. cat Says:

    We all love sport here. Sport mad Australia is. You should be able to. What sort of footie do you mean. NRL? All the NRL teams have shirts, pyjamas even undies for girls.

  18. Design Shark Says:

    NRL I think… What's the one with the kangaroo that's yellow? And, where would I go to find such a thing? I think I may have sacrificed the idea today since I got me an opal necklace instead… But it won't hurt to look. 🙂

  19. cat Says:

    That would be an australian team shirt, if its a kangaroo, there are others that have a wallaby and thats union – very confusing. You need to find a Rebel Sports – there is one at 197 Pitt Street, its in the somthing called the Mid City Centre – or actually go check out Mick Simmons Sports, he's at 478 George Street, they look like they have stacks of stuff. Open till 5.30 today and 11 – 4 tomorrow

  20. Design Shark Says:

    You're awesome. We're right by that shop on Pitt and George street is just a block down. We're on our way to do the bridge walk now, so I think we'll pass the one on George.

  21. Waterbaby Says:

    So you found my brother! Awright!

  22. cat Says:

    vibrant and well – did you teach him to dress that way then?

  23. Waterbaby Says:

    nah, was just one of those natural affinity things. Pleased to see he started wearing socks tho.

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