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Vox QotD: One More Thing… July 25, 2009

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What haven't you said that you wanted to today?

Well its 10am on Saturday morning here and I've been up for about an hour and I've had an egg and a cup of coffee.

No one else is home so I haven't said a single thing yet. For all I know I could have become mute through the night. I'm not expecting to have to say anything for a few hours yet.

I don't mind it actually.

However if I wanted to say something later, that I probably won't have had a chance to, it'd be something like –

really, you want to leave me a million dollars in your will? why thanks so much



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4 Responses to “Vox QotD: One More Thing…”

  1. I love the quiet times…that is heaven to me. Talking is often over rated. I suppose they were expecting people to say things like telling your nearest and dearest that you love them – but in my world, if I leave you live it means I love you and you know that, so words are just extra!

  2. Design Shark Says:

    Ooh, I'd like to say the same thing!

  3. cat Says:

    Yes, too much meaningless blather goes on. Do you know I didn't have to talk until 2pm today and that was only because I had to ring my 16 year old daughter and say – and where the bloody hell are you!!

  4. cat Says:

    Well its just hit 6.17pm and I haven't had the chance to say it yet, but I live in hope.

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