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365 day photo challenge July 20, 2009

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okey doke – days 22 – 28

This whole 365 day photo thing is really a 365 things in my town for me.

So day 22. This awful bush grows in the library car park and you have to squeeze past it when you get out of the car.


And this is the library. Its only been around for a few years. When they put the plans up at the Council all these people were up in arms about how it was too modern and would look butt ugly bla bla bla. No one seems to care anymore though and I quite like it. Although the roof makes a lot of creaking noises on hot days.


And this was a little smart car that was at the pub one day I walked past. I'd like a smart car.


lol, theres Jem – at the pub again – we seem to be spending a lot of time there lately


Theres this gift shop in town that sells the most hideous things you've seen. Its like a country gift shop, full of ornaments and dolls that cost a fortune. There is so much shit packed in there that you'd never ever take a small child in there. You can barely move about.


Here we are at the fish shop – fish is just about as expensive as red meat here.


And the construction site at the end of our street. Been empty for years. Apparently no one wants to buy it because its all contaminated from once being the gas works and its too expensive to fix. So it probably has to sit there for about a thousand years before its ok to stir up. There isn't actually ever any construction going on.


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7 Responses to “365 day photo challenge”

  1. Emjay Says:

    I'd like a car like that…

  2. cat Says:

    plenty more to come

  3. cat Says:

    It was tiny. We went to the Sydney Car show a couple of years ago and they had some on display, some of them are very cool.

  4. Jaffnut Says:

    Re the 365 days in your neighbourhood, I've been thinking of doing a photography project on my suburb with the aim of taking photos which reflect what I see to be the elements that define my suburb. Having said this, it's probably another good idea that will remain just that ;-).

  5. cat Says:

    Its harder than it sounds to take a photo every day but it definitely makes you keep your eyes open

  6. Candy Sparks Says:

    i love your 365… and great photos i'm loving the new smart car… yum…


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