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road trip June 21, 2009

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5.30 am was a long time ago. Twelve hours ago actually.

That was when I was up and getting dressed ready to hit the road to Sydney for a christening.

Daz, Lizzie and I left at day break

We travelled about half way then picked up Kimba and Lloyd. I always think of that ad Not So Squeezy when I see them all in the back of the car. Poor old girl hasn't had the whole family in it for years. I think we were carrying about 360 kilos.

Lizzie has always had to sit in the middle and always complains about it, so on the way home I sat in the back and she sat in the front. Ahhh memories. When I was a kid we sat four across the back seat. Being the youngest I was always pushed forward. I don't think my back rested on a car seat my entire childhood.

The roads in NSW are some of the worst you will find anywhere in the world. At school holiday times they show a programme on tv called How To Survive the Pacific Highway. Which always makes me laugh. Nervously. Hey I know how to do it. How about the government gives us some money and we fix the roads!!

But I quite like these parts on the way to Sydney. I just imagine them going – right, well we want to get to Sydney so lets just cut straight through the mountain here. But there are always signs up saying – Caution, Falling Rocks. And I don't know what you're supposed to do about it. Not like you can go anywhere.

But we survived. And arrived. At a strange sort of christening. Where we got to watch a Sigur Ros video clip and were then asked to pray not only for the people suffering gastro in the nursing home, but also for the Iranian army.

But I was glad I went because I saw someone I hadn't seen for twenty years. And when I did know her back then, I really liked her.

And I got to pass on my buzzy buzzy bee.

The other day I was at the chemist and I saw this little guy and I loved him and bought him. And he was only $4.00.

And I've had him hanging around with me and he's made me smile every time I looked at him. So today I gave him to the baby having the christening and I hope he gets a smile out of him as well.

And I really hope God is keeping an eye on that gastro.

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16 Responses to “road trip”

  1. Rev Stan Says:

    Great pics and great buzzy bee. I always had the middle of the back seat too when I was a kid. When all four of us were still at home my dad had an estate car. When we went on holiday my two brothers and I would travel in the boot bit with my sister on the back seat with the dog and the luggage that wouldn't fit on the roof rack. If I saw kids riding in the boot today I'd think 'how irresponsible' but back then we didn't give the safety aspect a second thought.

  2. Emjay Says:

    Ha – that's exactly like our holiday except the dog would be in the back bit with some bags and the esky (cooler). We even had the luggage rack on top!.That's a cute bee Cat.

  3. Candy Sparks Says:

    sounds like a great experience… i always sat on the driver side next to the window… why? because even to this day i get motion sickness and i need air on me at all times… or a window to puke out of… yeah my brother and sister hated me… until my sister tried the whole i'm "motion sick" too deal… except she never puked…i always did… hmmm… thats like when i got glasses my sister wanted them too so she faked the test got glass and now ha ha has bad eyes… aww little sister wants to be like big sister…


  4. MexicanRobot Says:

    after I show you pictures of our highways you'll feel like you've been living inside a safety bubble all your life.

  5. cat Says:

    lol – well this is one of the good ones – most of them are just two lane, crappy things

  6. cat Says:

    haha – well I was lucky there, at least none of us get car sick, I'd hate that

  7. cat Says:

    yes, I was wondering yesterday how our old car ever got any speed up. And I almost said to Daz, I think it's time I started making sandwiches to take on car trips instead of stopping at that servo I call the twin towers on the way. But then I remembered how we'd be eating them before we even got to Dubbo.

  8. cat Says:

    lolol – sounds like us. When I was telling my son about how I had to sit forward on the edge of the seat he said – how did you wear a seatbelt? We didn't wear seatbelts!! I replied.
    the buzzy bee is very cute

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    strangeness at the ceremony. but at least that makes it memorable.i like the busy bee!

  10. cat Says:

    Strange indeed. My son was sitting next to me and he leant over and whisperedwe have a lot to talk about on the way homeI'm going to buy a bunch of buzzy bees and give them to people

  11. jd Says:

    There is a road into Sydney that has a sign "Caution Falling Rocks Next
    10 km" and 5k along there is a rest stop area. Wonder if anyone ever
    uses it!

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    great buzzy bee! add me to that list willya?

  13. cat Says:

    ok, christmas is going to be easy this year

  14. "But there are always signs up saying – Caution, Falling Rocks. And I don't know what you're supposed to do about it. Not like you can go anywhere"
    Erm… so they can say "I told you so" when it happens…

  15. cat Says:

    oh yes, of course – so I can't sue them I suppose

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