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winter June 17, 2009

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Well we are into winter here now. And I can't complain, although I still do, about the weather.

And as soon as I declared that my deciduous tree was not dropping it's leaves, it started to.

I'm like a sunflower – all my chairs point to the sun.


They don't look pretty anymore though because it rained. Now they're just a slushy mess right outside the back door. Not that they ever look that pretty. We don't get the golds and reds of autumn here. Just dirty green and yellow.

And I noticed this butterfly on Sunday. He/she had a strong attraction towards one of my clothespegs. Wouldn't move when I came near or when I had to spin the line.

Wonder what that was all about – colour maybe?

I have had butterflies come and sit on my flower tattoos.



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15 Responses to “winter”

  1. PeacefulWmn9 Says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love that your patio chairs all point toward the sun. 🙂

  2. Snowy Says:

    I guess that clothes peg does look kind of sexy to a butterfly.

  3. cat Says:

    I love to sit out there with a book in the afternoons.

  4. cat Says:

    Well it looks old – is old sexy?

  5. Snowy Says:

    Well it looks old – is old sexy? <blush>

  6. Waterbaby Says:

    I'd have my chairs pointing to the sun too. If I had chairs. And if we had sun. 😉 From the perspective of a butterfly, I could see how a clothespin would resemble a stem.

  7. I have had butterflies come and sit on my flower tattoos.
    That is what I imagine heaven is like. Individual, unique and beautiful.

  8. Steve Betz Says:

    Love the picture of the leaves on the ground.

  9. cat Says:

    no sun today – wet and wintery

  10. cat Says:

    Oh I hope it is!!

  11. OptamissTIK Says:

    they say that there is someone out there for everyone cat… at least they found each other 😉

  12. cat Says:

    lol, looks like a one sided relationship to me

  13. OptamissTIK Says:

    aren't most of them?

  14. cat Says:

    lol, probably – but at least neither of them can talk, thats got to help

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