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snap snap June 11, 2009

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we're having a cold snap

snap snap

betty is not a fan of snappy weather


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16 Responses to “snap snap”

  1. OptamissTIK Says:

    I think I'd like to swap places with Betty. She looks nice and cozy warm.

  2. cat Says:

    lol, just had an image of going out there and finding you curled up in Betty's bedshe's inside at night but gets kicked out (and tucked in) in the morning, she stays like that until some sun hits the backyard

  3. OptamissTIK Says:

    ha ha. I just love the first shot. It's how I feel when I wake up all cold around 4.30am… I dare say you'd get a fright if it really was me under there, but as long as you came bearing coffee, I'm sure we'd manage 😉

  4. Emjay Says:

    LOL – like a bug in a rug!

  5. Snowy Says:

    Talk about a pampered pooch. I'll bet she never gets threatened with a cold wet sponge. Equality for old people, I say!

  6. cat Says:

    she doesn't like it when I go poking about in there looking for her face to take a photo either

  7. cat Says:

    She didn't even have her weekly shower on Sunday because it was too cold, even though she gets dried with the hairdresser after. LOL – the hairdryer!! Not the hairdresser.Oh you old people – I'm spending all afternoon with your mob. Even though you're practically a baby compared to them. I'm going up to play cards with them. Hoi it's called. And they seem to be willing and able to play it for hours. And hours.

  8. Waterbaby Says:

    yup, snug as a bug in a rug. it's a dog's life …..

  9. Design Shark Says:

    Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww. I love her!

  10. cat Says:

    betty doesn't agree with that whole dogs life thing – she likes to think she's very hard done by

  11. cat Says:

    aaaawww, so do I. Mostly.

  12. Butuan Says:

    just like my dog, doesn't want snap snap

  13. Rev Stan Says:

    Ah bless. Great pics.

  14. cat Says:

    well she certainly thinks so, she sits at the back door shaking so hard she almost falls over

  15. cat Says:

    It was only 14 degrees here yesterday (C) – too cold for us – this morning she's still inside in her bed pretending she's not there so she doesn't get kicked out

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