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vintage luna park June 10, 2009

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This is the ugliest Luna Park head I've ever seen. Not sure when it was taken and not sure where, but its one of Papa's.

Are they only in Melbourne and Sydney. There's not one in New Zealand is there?

Looks a bit like something some schoolkids paper mached up for book week.



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13 Responses to “vintage luna park”

  1. Snowy Says:

    Looks though the model had a giant hangover…

  2. cat Says:

    definitely not as bright and cheery as the ones they have now

  3. OptamissTIK Says:

    that is scary for sure! he looks like a monster who has been smoking crack – is it the light or are a couple of his teeth blacked out?

  4. cat Says:

    lol, yes well he's probably been been chewing away on that fence for a while so a couple of his teeth could be gone. It's the eyelashes that get me – he has a real mardi gras feel to him, but in a sinister sort of way.

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    maybe it's like certain actors and actresses who look better in person? {i got nuthin' else}

  6. cat Says:

    you tellin' me there's a person walking around looking like that!!

  7. cat Says:

    yes, its a little weird isn't it

  8. PeacefulWmn9 Says:

    Hm…really over-done makeup lol.

  9. Candy Sparks Says:

    i think its great too look at… ha ha

  10. cat Says:

    especially the eyeliner!

  11. cat Says:

    I'm a fan as well – he looks like a tired, old, worn out drag queen

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    hahaha, no no, I meant that this looks scary in the pic. and maybe like certain actors and actresses it looks better, less scary, in person.

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