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sticks and stones June 9, 2009

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When you apply for a copy of your birth certificate from the Births Deaths & Marriages, and you tick the box that says

non urgent

they take that very seriously

So anyway, I'm baking some bread for dinner and was wondering what they mean when they say a stick of butter. How much in weight is a stick.

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32 Responses to “sticks and stones”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    The standard cube is 1/4 of a pound (0.113 kg).

  2. my guide says, 100 g

  3. cat Says:

    ok – thanks, I went for a thick slice

  4. cat Says:

    thanks – I wonder why they call it a stick over there

  5. Snowy Says:

    I'd have said it was a misprint, and should have read "stack". D'you think I should give up on my quest to become Australia's Gordon Ramsay. I've been practising my insults and foul language in anticipation.

  6. cat Says:

    lol – I've missed this whole thing – I've only come in on the end of it all – but I mean talk about pot calling the kettle black or whatever, he's a pretty bloody ugly bastard himself isn't he!!

  7. Snowy Says:

    No, I never did fancy him, Cat…

  8. Worker Says:

    Hey Cat,When I was in the States I noticed they do sell butter in sticks..small long blocks 🙂

  9. Paxton Says:

    Yep, butter comes in a box, in four long sticks. One stick is a quarter pound and almost exactly half a cup, so it makes it easy to cut the butter to the amount required in the recipe, whether it's calling for butter by volume or weight. Unless you're using metric, like the rest of the world, then you're screwed.

  10. to make it easir alot of butter sticks are wrapped in paper that has ruler printed on the side.

  11. Raymond Says:

    How much 'bread for dinner' are you making that requires a quarter of a pound of butter? Wait…are you making bread or biscuits?

  12. cat Says:

    it was beautiful bread – but yes, it was quite cake like

  13. cat Says:

    Ours just comes in a big block – either 250grams or 500grams – the 500g blocks always look too serious for me.

  14. cat Says:

    Yes we have that but they aren't what I'd call a stick, just a block and they are marked every 50 grams.

  15. cat Says:

    I don't think I guessed big enough – although it was still delicious. Very hard to resist home made bread fresh from the oven.

  16. Waterbaby Says:

    @Snowy – I work alongside a Gordon Ramsay wannabe, I'm happy to send him your direction.

  17. Raymond Says:

    Ahhhh, good. For a minute or two I thought perhaps you were doing your wild aussie woman thang. Cats' Magnificient Mulberry Muffins or something. Well, and you are rather creatively dangerous with that bamix, that high tech electronic drill of yours. So I really didn't know what you were cooking up. Glad everyone survived. 🙂

  18. Snowy Says:

    Thanks, WB. I'll have to sharpen up on my women insulting techniques first, as I'm not very good at it. I've been trying to insult Cat for years. She just tells me to get stuffed….or something like that.

  19. Waterbaby Says:

    @Snowy – lol, no need, simply parrot this coworker and you'll be shredding others and heading a kitchen in no time.

  20. Snowy Says:

    If the women are like Cat, I know who'll get shredded, WB…

  21. Waterbaby Says:

    @Snowy – lol, no, it's a male.

  22. Snowy Says:

    And if he tries to shred a woman like Cat he'll be lucky to escape with his manhood. Did I ever tell you about how she terrorises old men like me with cold wet sponges?

  23. cat Says:

    oh shut up – or I'll let the mice loose on you to have a nibble at your ears

  24. Waterbaby Says:

    @snowy – no but i shudder just imagining it …

  25. Snowy Says:

    or I'll let the mice loose on you to have a nibble at your ears See what I mean, WB…

  26. Snowy Says:

    Yes, and I'll tell the other residents about your tattoo too. So there…

  27. Waterbaby Says:

    @Snowy – lol, you betcha!

  28. Paxton Says:

    500 grams IS a serious amount of butter. I would question any recipe that called for that much.

  29. I have a funny story about that…my son was here in the UK and I was back in the States, and we were talking on videocam, and I was giving him the ingredients for choc chip cookies. I unthinkingly said "two sticks of butter"…he used two blocks of butter, since that is how they come over here (UK). which is like three sticks…the cookies were tasty, apparently, but also very sticky and very flat and wide.

  30. MexicanRobot Says:

    here in Mexico we have butter in little rectangle-like containers and also sticks, but our sticks tend to be thinner than american butter sticks…So I guess we do have butter sticks. Literally.We also have a light version of everything.

  31. cat Says:

    ha – it's a wonder they didn't run off the baking tray

  32. cat Says:

    Our butter comes in blocks but margarine comes in containers. Can you have light butter?? We have light margarine. I don't eat either, only in cooking.

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