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the reader June 7, 2009

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I love reading. I'm a great reader. I read for two or three hours a day. Thats sounds like a lot, well maybe it is a lot, but I'm reading when other people are watching television, or sitting at the computer, or socialising.  I go to bed at about 9pm and read for a couple of hours. And I'm often awake at 5am so I can get in another hour or so then. And I try to squeeze a bit in at lunch time.

And I've noticed how, over time, the type of book I read changes. Say twenty years ago I was a huge Colin Forbes and Robert Ludlam fan. It didn't matter how many characters there were, how many twists and turns involved, I was on top of it. But then twelve months later I couldn't get my head around anything more complicated than a Jackie Collins novel. Then I went through the Oprahs book club stage, then it was all literature, then autobiographies. But then there came a time when everyone thought they had an autobiography in them. And they don't. Just because you have one bad day somewhere doesn't mean we want to know where your granny was born and what your first dogs name was. I bet that bloody awful singer all over the news can feel an autobiography coming on.

And at the moment I just know I'm not going to enjoy a book if it has a map inside the front cover. Especially if it has arrows showing a long journey. I know theres going to be so many places and people and dramas that I won't remember any of them at the end.

I just read the latest Jack Reacher novel, because I quite fancy him. Well I did before they decided to put a picture of him on a cover and he didn't look at all as I imagined him. Ruined him for me a bit. But this book was annoying because there was a character called Therese and they made a point of telling us that you pronnounce her name as th not t. Like thong or therapy or therese. And I refused to call her that because it sounded like I had a lisp.

And I'd just like to say that if you love the tv series Trueblood, don't read the sookie stackhouse books. I won't say they're crap, quite. But they're definitely not like the show. Same storyline but kind of all light and fluffy, not dark and dangerous like the show. I only read the first two and don't think I'll bother with the rest. And I'd also like to add that our book covers here are much better than US ones of the same book.

So I'm off to start the new Mo Hayder. Even though Pig Island was a load of crap. Birdman was just so good I'm willing to give her another chance.

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6 Responses to “the reader”

  1. I smiled at the Oprah comment. When I managed bookshops as soon as the Oprah show finished on TV the phone would start ringing off the hook and everyone wanted the latest Oprah book. It was difficult to tell them that not all Oprah books were available in Australia at the same time as they were published in USA. I think she kept the industry going until Harry Potter came along!

  2. cat Says:

    Wonder if she still does the book club or if James Frey scared her off. She did have some very good books on there. Mother of Pearl was one in particular I loved.

  3. L Says:

    i love the reacher books – i only let myself buy the next one in the series when i travel through london, its helping me savour them! have you tried the series he writes with Douglas Preston? the first book is call reliquary and focuses on an unusal fbi agent, they're quite good.i agree with your comment on trueblood v sookie stackhouse books, but i quite enjoy the books as a silly supernatural-romantic beach read – or a distracting plane book – where as the tv series is a bit more substantive and in your head. both good, just different

  4. Rev Stan Says:

    You inspired me to go to bed early to read last night – not 9pm though.

  5. cat Says:

    It was a rainy Sunday here yesterday so I got to read all afternoon. Love that.

  6. cat Says:

    No! I haven't heard of those books, I'll look them up at the library (good luck me, our library is pretty basic).
    The sookie books were a bit Stephanie Plum for me. And I'm soo over her.

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