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the ant problem, or lack of one June 1, 2009

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a recent conversation with my husband

me – we have an ant problem

him – we don't have an ant problem

me – well I guess you won't mind sitting in this chair then


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18 Responses to “the ant problem, or lack of one”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    did he reconsider his "stants" on the ants problem?

  2. Snowy Says:

    That's from Betty's slobbering when you gave her that last ice cream. I'm with Daz.

  3. "ants, pests, daz" hahaha!!!:p

  4. cat Says:

    I'd have to say no – he hasn't experienced it live, they only come out between 2pm and 4pm

  5. cat Says:

    haha – I don't even want to think about Betty eating icecream actually. And you're welcome to come and sit in that chair yourself Mr.

  6. Snowy Says:

    And you're welcome to come and sit in that chair yourself Mr. Ok. Please arrange suitable refreshment outside the hours 2 – 4pm.

  7. cat Says:

    ok – 4.15 it is – bring your mortein

  8. Snowy Says:

    bring your mortein Sorry, I don't drink that. JW will do fine thanks…

  9. Rev Stan Says:

    Find the nest and chuck boiling water down it. That picture made the skin on my scalp crawl. Yuk.

  10. cat Says:

    I've been looking but can't find a main sort of one. The little buggers seem to trek all over the back half of the yard but don't seem to actually go anywhere

  11. Hahahaha!!! Yes Dear, have a seat!

  12. I know the male mind – he thought that if he agreed there was an ant problem that then he would be required to do something about it. Deny it, no effort for him. Am I right, or am I right?

  13. cat Says:

    lol, oh he did something about it – he went inside and got some surface spray and sprayed it on the path, then stood back and said….. thereand I said – you're a ##//?*? idiot

  14. G Says:

    I'm with hubby. Ants are clean. There is no ant problem, they just clean up for free for 2 hours n a location where you left ice-cream traces from what I can gather. He also obviously took very serious steps with dangerous chemicals. Problem solved I would say šŸ™‚
    It's a beautiful story of marital joy and understanding I think šŸ™‚ Made me smile anyway šŸ™‚

  15. cat Says:

    There is no bloody ice cream!! Why do you men assume there is ice cream involved. I'm trying to do the whole dairy free thing. Which I seem to remember you being a big fan of. And how hard is that by the way when you eat out. cafes/restaurants seem to feel the need to put a slab of dairy in everything they serve.

  16. G Says:

    I know…they put dairy in everything. I make up for it by being obnoxious to vegans and vegetarians.

    Someone said there was ice-cream involved…but maybe if that's your chair you just smell nice and sweet to the ants. besides ants are cool. They are like little Martians. Orderly, good little soldiers…

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