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mulberry pie May 11, 2009

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Daz and I went to a fete a couple of weeks ago. Every country town has a fete or a cake stall going on somewhere on a Saturday.

We'd heard there would be mulberry pies there, so we set off to get our hands on one. But when we got there, they said that they had sold out of pies!!

No pies, we cried.

But, they said, we have this tray of mulberrys you can have. You can cook them up and make your own pie. So we took them home and I did just that.

I put them in the pan with some lemon juice and sugar and a bit of sherry type stuff and they turned into a sweet sticky mush of yum.


But you have to be careful when you test it because it is holds the heat. I had to do that thing where you scrape your teeth down the spoon and not let your lips touch the hot mush.


And then yesterday there was a knock on the door. I open the door, and standing there is the lady who makes the mulberry pies and she had a pie for us. She's made us a pie because we'd missed out at the fete.

How cool is that.

Thats what country life is all about.

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24 Responses to “mulberry pie”

  1. cat Says:

    sweet, warm, double yum.

  2. LeendaDLL Says:

    Wow – I can't imagine someone actually going out of their way to make & bring you a pie. Soooo nice!And I'll be right over for my slices!

  3. cat Says:

    better hurry up, going fast
    lol, you can't imagine them making pie for me in particular, or people in general.

  4. LeendaDLL Says:

    Strangers in general… but now that you mention you in particular… I mean, you've got that hair and all…

  5. Raymond Says:

    I wonder if you could have made some mulberry daquris like you did with the Smirinoff and the strawberries awhile back…probably not as much fun as leaving your teeth marks in the stainless cutlery tho'…

  6. cat Says:

    Not sure about the daquiris, they'd need a fair bit of sugar, the mulberrys were pretty tart. She left me another contained full of them, but I think I'll make jam this time

  7. LeendaDLL Says:

    MULBERRY DAQUIRIS?!? Better yet (for me) Mulberry Martinis! Tart drinks are fine. I'll be right over.

  8. cat Says:

    Really? Mulberry martini – I'll have to look up a recipe. Wouldn't they have heaps of little seeds and hairy bits in them?

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    Vodka. Mulberry puree. Done. Shake with ice. Pour into a sugar-rimmed glass.Mmmmmm!

  10. cat Says:

    I have all that – I would give it all a whizz with my bamix

  11. Jem Says:

    so now you have two pies ??
    Doulble yum !!!! I haven't has mulberries since I was a kid sitting up in my great grans mulberry tree.

  12. cat Says:

    No, I haven't seen them either. This woman has a tree in her yard. Daz knows a tree somewhere – it hangs over the street and he used to go there on walks and eat them. Actually I think they cut it down. Like figs – never see a fig tree anymore.

  13. cat Says:

    yes, she can shoot to the top of my list

  14. Waterbaby Says:

    We had fig trees at a childhood house. They were loaded with fruit that always fell onto the asphalt beside the garage and got all squishy and lots of ants. I cleaned them up as part of my zillion chores. My mother used to jar and give them to neighbors. Never did like figs.

  15. Lizzie Says:

    How cool that she went out her way to bring you pie. I miss living somewhere where there's such a great sense of community.

  16. Yummmm! That was so lovely of the lady to bring you a pie!

  17. cat Says:

    I was very touched.

  18. cat Says:

    Sometimes I miss living in Sydney, where you can just disappear, but then things like this make me glad to live here.

  19. Red Pen Says:

    I've never tried mulberry pie, but now I want to. And how nice of the lady to bring you a pie.

  20. cat Says:

    I hadn't tried it either, my husband is a big fan. Last night I made jam because she also gave me a container full of mulberrys.

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