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to all the mofo’s May 9, 2009

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I'd just like to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to myself and all the other mothers in my hood and beyond.

I'd like to make special mention of my mother. Lovely girl she is. And wasn't she cute. She hasn't changed much even though she will be 76 next week. She would have coloured this photo herself. Not when she was that age of course. That was her job – painting black and white photos and she was about the best I've ever seen. She has a lot of patience. Well she did have four kids and that'll either teach you great patience or snap you.


And I'd like to give a special shout out to my good friend Bubbles, a mother without her daughter, and Jem, a daughter without her mother, and Emjay, living far away from her children and Worker, who had bad news regarding her Mum.

Bloody mothers and kids, they really mess with your head and your heart.

Oh, and a little note to my dear three children (who aren't around today.). When I said I didn't want anything for Mothers Day.



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22 Responses to “to all the mofo’s”

  1. Happy Mothers Day to you too, Cat. Sounds like yours is as fulfilling and satisfying as mine.
    Re your mum's job, there is a really good Australian novel about someone doing that job. Something to do with clouds by Delia someone or other.

  2. cat Says:

    We're having a bbq with a few friends so should be a good day, even if it'll be with other peoples kids!
    Some of those coloured photos you see about are awful – nasty skin tone – paint dabbed on and not blended. We could never run in the sun room where she sat. We'd have to creep about so we didn't bump her.

  3. Yes, I have seen some shockers, ie, really red cheeks like the subject is wearing too much rouge etc.
    Have fun at the BBQ. My husband out doing building work so I am going to try and knock over the house stuff early and then take the kids to a market to buy a fleecy jacket for Mollie the dog. She is like a second mum to the kids.

  4. cat Says:

    Well have a nice day – good weather for a day out, well here it is anyway

  5. Worker Says:

    Cat, Enjoy the BBQ it sounds good to me. Your Mum did have a talent thats for sure.

  6. Emjay Says:

    Thanks for mentioning me! I will be eating a packet of creme caramel Tim Tams!! She was really cute! And, yes her face is still the same. I love that tile! (or is it a magnet?).

  7. cat Says:

    That sounds really sickening! Can't beat the original I, it's a magnet – always makes me smirk as well

  8. Caprica Says:

    Well now we know how you and your sis turn out to be such lovely ladies.Your mother is indeed quite a cutie.She did a fab job on the colouring as I too have seen not-fab renditions. She must had had a steady hand and light touch.Happy Mother's Day to you, Cat!

  9. cat Says:

    thanks very much!!

  10. MexicanRobot Says:

    Happy Mother's Day![I forgot is tomorrow in Australia already.]

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    Well she did have four kids and that'll either teach you great patience or snap you – lol, ain't that the truth. yes, i remember that about your mother, her talent with coloring.

  12. cat Says:

    She is a woman of many talents, colouring and patience but two if them, Love her dearly.

  13. cat Says:

    ha thanks yes, you are living in the past!!

  14. When I said I didn't want anything for Mothers Day.
    They need a refresher in Motherspeak! Happy Day to you!

  15. Happy Mummy's Day! 😀

  16. cat Says:

    and I hope you had a lovely day as well

  17. cat Says:

    Thanks very much 🙂

  18. Jem Says:

    Thanks for such a lovely day, good food, great friends and plenty of wine.Perfect !!! xx

  19. cat Says:

    garlic breath was goin' off last night

  20. Design Shark Says:

    Love it – happy Mommy's day!

  21. cat Says:

    thanks – we had a great day

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