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a tribe of toothbrushes May 2, 2009

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I was in the bathroom this morning wondering,

Why, in a household of three people, do we have twelve toothbrushes.

They are everywhere. In the bathroom cupboard, on the bathroom window ledge, in the holder in the back laundry and a special one that no one seems to know who owns, wearing a  hat.


Mine is Number 1. Ok, I own number 2 as well.  I haven't left my toothbrush out of the cupboard since the children found a cockroach clinging to the head of it one night when I was in bed. You may remember they took time to have a good laugh and take photos before they flicked the cockroach away.



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37 Responses to “a tribe of toothbrushes”

  1. PeacefulWmn9 Says:

    LOL, I'll take the smiley one off your hands if you like. : )

  2. cat Says:

    Well I have to warn you, I have no idea who has used it. All a bit of a mystery that one. It doesn't like to hang with the others.

  3. LeendaDLL Says:

    I don't even want to know about bugs on my toothbrush – but that's a great pic/poster!!I have a SoniCare brush. And a old crappy hand brush for traveling. Several more, but all still sealed in original wrappers, in case of guests.I'm feeling horribly indulgent for having just ordered a new SoniCare – cause I was sick of cleaning calcium deposits off the old one (it's been at least 4 years since I bought it).

  4. cat Says:

    Thanks – I'm sure the cocky's still get in the cupboard and have a run around on them, but it makes me feel better thinking my toothbrush is locked away from them. That battery operated one (5) is a kids one. It plays an annoying song that goes for three minutes and is supposed to encourage them to brush for that long.

  5. Jack Yan Says:

    This is too cool! The only spare toothbrush I have in my bathroom is one I leave on the basin for cleaning grime off the edges of the taps—in other words: don’t get them mixed up!

  6. Snowy Says:

    I was going to ask if they showed you the cocky pic after you'd used your toothbrush. But I won't.

  7. cat Says:

    oh yeah, haha, we have one of them as well, but I keep that way up the top of the laundry cupboard

  8. cat Says:

    little buggers, I've wondered myself

  9. Mr FD has left a trail of toothbrushes all over Australia…forever leaving them in motel rooms. I had the joy of brushing my teeth and them looking closely at the bristles and realising that a nice mould of some sort was flourishing at their base….lots of mouth rinsing that day!

  10. cat Says:

    lol – one of these, number 9 I think, is a bit like that – disgusting. If I ever find who is using it I'll slap them.

  11. Jack Yan Says:

    Two nights ago I dreamed I used that one! Ew!

  12. cat Says:

    lolol – I think you need to put it out of sight!

  13. We seem to have a million too. My son always chews his so has a few to rotate. I keep my ONE in a plastic case so the cockroaches don't get it. I think they are attracted to the taste of the toothpaste or something. Euwww.

  14. cat Says:

    lol. My daughters boyfriend sleeps over sometimes and last night I saw him brushing his teeth so I said – is one of those yours, pointing to the window ledge, and he said, no way, have you seen the cockroaches up there.

  15. Sounds like he is a bit too familiar with your bathroom, Cat. You will have to start charging him rent if he knows the comings and goings of the cockies!

  16. cat Says:

    lol, well, yes, when you put it that way it does seem a bit familiar!

  17. Doug Says:

    Maybe you've exchanged a cockroach problem for a toothbrush problem? They might be breeding in there. You should probably spray the whole bathroom for toothbrushes…

  18. cat Says:

    hahaha – hadn't thought of it like that. Imagine, soon they'll be talking and walking, and they could clamber onto my bed while I sleep. Ahhhhhhhhhh

  19. You could write a Kafka-esque novel about it!

  20. cat Says:

    lol – yes well it is quite an unrealistic idea, but I do have a very active imagination

  21. Worker Says:

    Now that is why I lock my toothbrush or the head of it anyway away at night. I would die if I thought a bug crawled on it..ewwwI like the one with the cover 🙂

  22. cat Says:

    oh those creepy crawlies can squeeze through teeny tiny little holes worker, a cockroach could easily fit through those eye holes. Nothing is safe. Actaully we have mice here at the moment. I really really hope they aren't running around my toothbrush.

  23. Corissa Says:

    I love that you don't seem to be considering figuring out any of these mysteries and getting rid of some of the brushes. Like they're the Borrowers or something. I wonder what they could be taking from you…. I imagine the one with the smiley cover just migrated to where he found his own kind and settled in while you weren't looking.

  24. Raymond Says:

    After reading the wit of others, I would consider adopting the little toothbrush with the hat. Bet the cocky's don't mess with him/her ! Bet they take one step on her hat and the trigger is released chuncking those cocky's things into cartwheeling onto somebody else's toothbrush. You could trust your teeth to the toothbrush who wears a hat. 🙂

  25. Waterbaby Says:

    ugh ugh and ugh!!! knowing a cockroach had been on my brush would totally freak me out! that toothbrush would land in the trash faster than you could shout "Raid!" Or is that "Mortein" in Australia? Either way, that brush would be GONE! Yeesh, many thanks for planting that visual. Now I'll never look at toothbrushes in quite the same way. BTW, someone needs to do some decluttering. Not naming names 'cept we know it's not Mr. Roach.

  26. cat Says:

    lol, we're all a bit scared of him – no ones game to throw him away. Or take his hat for their own.

  27. cat Says:

    We have Raid and Mortein, I don't know which ones is the favourite although I do use mortein myself.
    It's all gone too far now to deal with. Any time I see someone I say who owns all these toothbrushes and they umm and ahh and say they think so and so owns this one or that one. And as soon as I throw one out someone will come asking for it. I'm thinking of starting a sculpture of some kind.

  28. cat Says:

    We don't trust him at all! He's the most mysterious of them all and we're all too scared to take his hat for our own toothbrush. Someone unclipped it the other day and I was all – gasp, you can't take that. He must be a bit of a loner I think.

  29. Waterbaby Says:

    hahah. don't fall for speculation! dump the lot of 'em except those that can be positively ID'd and let everyone buy a new brush. heck, i'll pay just to end the chaos!

  30. cat Says:

    Brush hats all round it is then. The others have probably been feeling naked anyway.

  31. hhahaha… usually that happens in my house because everybody somehow has this onset of amnesia that causes everyone to forget which toothbrush belongs to who and is too harried for time to figure out and we'd just rather break out a new toothbrush 😛

  32. cat Says:

    ha – yes I've found myself brushing away then suddenly thinking – shit, is this mine?

  33. anthrogrrl Says:

    I found this post, since your other one was on the Vox Culture page. One of my favorite silly songs is a love song from a blue toothbrush to a pink one. If you're interested, check it out. *smile*

  34. cat Says:

    lol – gee now they're really starting to take on human characteristics – I'll never be able to throw them away!!

  35. You had better watch out when you go to Brisbane, DS. They have cockroaches the size of mice up there!

  36. Design Shark Says:

    Eeeeeew. Nuh-uh. That's yuck. I'll get a brush hat for sure them. (shivers)

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