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a wolverine moment May 1, 2009

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Yesterday I had a wolverine moment.

It was an internal wolverine moment. Externally I was still smiling and nodding my head and saying – ok then, thanks anyway.

As you may or may not know I volunteer at the old peoples home down the road. I go shopping with them, talk to them, serve them lunch, help them on the computer. You know, just general things that their families can't be bothered doing.

And one of the old girls, Eddie, who is 87 loves spending time on the computer. She emails family, she looks around facebook, reads the news etc. And she decided she'd like to learn to make cards, greeting cards. So I said I'd help her. But the only programme they have on their computer is Publisher. And thats just proving to be a bit tricky for her. And it does take a bit of practice for anyone. I find myself walking around the centre yelling out to her

text box

Because she can never remember she has to do that.

So I have this scrapbooking programme. You can do various projects on it, cards, pages, whatever, and it's fairly simple. So I took it up there yesterday because I thought we could install it and she could have some fun with it. But one of the girls said – you'd have to ask at the office. So off I went to see the office lady and she said no, I couldn't install it. And I said, oh, why not. And she said that they couldn't install anything on the computers without permission from head office and they'd have to come and inspect it and approve it and install it.

But then she didn't offer to ring them or anything. And it wouldn't matter if she did anyway, because I asked her months ago to find out what the password was so I could get into the settings and make the font bigger and that hasn't happened yet either.

What she did say was – what programme does it have on it.

And I said – publisher

And she said – well she'll just have to work with what she's got.

And I had this fleeting feeling of intense internal combustion.

And I just thought how hard is it to do something simple, that would give an old lady hours of fun.

Can't have that though can we. Don't want old people having fun. Using their brains. Much better to let them lie around and have their ears eaten off by mice.

And I realised then how lucky I've been to be able to work for myself these past twenty years. You know I'd almost forgotten about all the office politics and useless bureaucrats and rules and paperwork and time wasting involved in these places. And I don't think I could ever go back to it.

So I'm going to have a look around and see if I can find a free card maker online to try and download on their computer. I think it only blocks things if I try and install a disc.

So if anyone knows of something like that I'd appreciate a heads up.

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19 Responses to “a wolverine moment”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    Wish I did know of something, I'd help in a heartbeat. As for the bureaucracy, office politics, rules and regulations without rhyme, reason or sense, it's a million times worse than it used to be, least on this side of the pond. you ain't missin' nuthin' except a bundle of aggravation, grief and homicidal urges.

  2. LeendaDLL Says:

    Check (that link will go to the results for a search on "greeting card maker"). Not only is the software reviewed, a lot of it is FREE.

  3. cat Says:

    ok thanks for that – I'll try a few out on my computer first

  4. cat Says:

    well I've definitely had some homicidal urges! And there seems to be too much sitting around doing bugger all at a lot of places as well

  5. Waterbaby Says:

    oh yeah, but that's a separate problem and cultural phenomenon. called laziness.

  6. homebody Says:

    Avery (manufacturer of labels and other special paper formats) has an online formatting application that I don't think requires a download:–Print-Online.htm as well as software for freevdownload: Since these are tailored for Avery products, they might not be freeform enough, but might be worth investigating.

  7. snoringKatZ Says:

    I found this one: always has great downloadable stuff, often free – that one's a free trial but they have loads of other stuff under Desktop Publishing that might be helpful.I know there is a need for computer security but there's a point just slightly past ridiculous where most businesses go. And there would be absolute hell to pay in most of the places here if the desktop couldn't be customized for elderly or disabled individuals to use – including resolution and font size.grrr…

  8. cat Says:

    Thanks – I'll definitely check them out – she only needs very basic applications

  9. cat Says:

    thanks Katz, will check it out as well.
    Eddie mentioned to them once that she'd like to have a go in a chat room and see what they were about and she said the woman she mentioned it to almost had a fit!

  10. snoringKatZ Says:

    Maybe you two can take a laptop to a coffeeshop and cruise the web til the battery dies šŸ˜‰

  11. Good Luck!! I can't believe she would not give you the number to call yourself! Grrrr!!!

  12. cat Says:

    It's top secret!

  13. G Says:

    Not sure it will be what you want, but I have started using AbiWord to replace MS Word and it's great and very intuitive. It's also opensource, free and runs on pretty much anything. You can do anything in it you can do in word, including inserting pictures and text boxes. And you can adjust font sizes etc. It's small and efficient too.
    I hate people like that lazy scum-being. May Frapp Rays boil her eyeballs. (With references to Calvin and Hobbes)

  14. cat Says:

    thanks for that – I installed it and had a quick look, it looks nice and simple and clear, not all cluttered up with tiny symbols – will go back for a better look later.

  15. G Says:

    Ah you see neighbour..if you read my blog religiously you would have already known about AbiWord and my attempts to get rid of zombie-inducing, swine-flu-producing windows…and how using AbiWord instead of Word is the first step to PC freedom šŸ™‚

  16. LeendaDLL Says:

    hey… you made [this is good] AGAIN

  17. cat Says:

    Hey, so I did!! I wouldn't have even noticed that. I must have a fan.

  18. Lizzie Says:

    It's a shame that the woman in the office really didn't give a stuff. There are a lot of old folk's homes where I live and one of them is on the same hill as where KT lives. It has a fete every year and you can see just how much neglect the garden has – it's a huge one with a path round it which isn't suitable for wheels or stumbly old feet and all the benches are smothered in bird poo. They don't seem to get out much at all. I really hope inside they get treated better.

  19. cat Says:

    I hope so too! This place where I go is, on the whole fantastic. They don't seem to go outside much either. There is a really nice balcony area that gets sun all day, but you never see anyone on it. There is another balcony area on the other side for the smokers and you se a few on it though, lol.

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