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the stapless stapler April 8, 2009

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No wonder there's a hole in the ozone layer.

There must be millions of people out there like me suffering from environmental guilt. Greenhouse guilt. We're all walking around exhaling all this toxic, noxious, guilt riddled carbon dioxide that must be eating up the ozone.

I can't run the clothes dryer anymore without feeling like a criminal. And I refuse to even acknowledge the second fridge. I tsk tsk at the neighbours who seem to run their airconditioner all year round.

I just finished doing the invoicing for the month and every time I clicked the stapler down I winced

Do you know that I read in my little book Change the World 9 to 5, that if every office worker in Australia saved one staple a day, that would be 88.3 tonnes of steel saved a year.

Which is why I've orderd myself a stapless stapler. Cheap as well.

Look into one if you're an office worker. Every little bit helps.

stapless stapler

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7 Responses to “the stapless stapler”

  1. cat Says:

    Yes, definitely and all the little things we do count – my next plan is a vegetable garden.

  2. valerie Says:

    wow – that statistic on the staples is pretty amazing.

  3. cat Says:

    especially when you consider that is only Australia

  4. Waterbaby Says:

    I'm still working on the box of staples bought like five years ago. I'm fairly certain it'll outlive me.

  5. aynge Says:

    88 TONS of steel? That's got to be complete BS! It's like that activist who said that 45 homeless people die every second in the US, and it turned out to equal 10 billion dead a year, which is double the population of the earth at the time. He admitted he just made it up because he had no idea what the true figure was and didn't want to leave the reporters without any statistics. I'm going to try to figure out what the real amount of steel saved would be.

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