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home alone April 6, 2009

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Why is it, that every time you're home alone, and decide to have a shower, you imagine you can hear someone walking around inside the house.

Well I hope I imagined it.

Otherwise they're hiding in the wardrobe as we speak.

I always do that. I decide to have a shower, so I turn off the radio or the tv, just so I can listen carefully for any strange noises. Then I spend the whole shower watching the door, expecting to see the latch wiggling open at any second.

And I haven't even watched Psycho.

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24 Responses to “home alone”

  1. valerie Says:

    i leave on the radio or tv so that i can dismiss any weird noises as coming from one of them.

  2. Paxton Says:

    Or… crazy idea… you could lock the door! lol

  3. Bookmole Says:

    I'm alright in my shower – it is up two flights of stairs and it's in a cubicle – I cannot shower in the kid's shower unless I have too because it has a shower curtain. Damn Psycho anyway! And you should watch it. It is a good classic movie.

  4. LeendaDLL Says:

    thank gawd for watch cats – I shower with the back door wide open and never think I hear anything (not even when I know I heard the doorbell). i figure that if anyone tried to come in, I'd have a few seconds notice due to the freaked out kitties.

  5. cat Says:

    lol – I used to do that as well. But then I couldn't anymore.

  6. cat Says:

    I have the front and back doors locked and the bathroom door locked, but hats why they're burglars and murderers Paxton, they break locks and climb through windows.

  7. cat Says:

    If I watched it I'd never shower again. lol, a cubicle won't stop them you know!
    I hate shower curtains – how they wrap around your legs.

  8. cat Says:

    I don't mind if I hear the doorbell, because they probably weren't going to try and kill me anyway. Don't you even shut the bathroom door though? Brave girl.

  9. LeendaDLL Says:

    Nope. Not a big deal because my home backs onto neighbor's yards, not a street or alley.

  10. cat Says:

    lol, so does mine

  11. LeendaDLL Says:

    I'm sure I'll be the one who's jinxed by this convo.

  12. LeendaDLL Says:

    OMG – you're on the Explore page again… today's [Life is Good]

  13. Aubrey Says:

    I keep my door locked and loaded, and my bathroom door is kept closed – not sure what good that does – so when I get out I find myself lost in a room full of steam.
    I always hear noises – not inside my apartment, but in the hallway, heavy treads, and that's alarming enough. (did I lock the door? am I sure? positive?)

  14. cat Says:

    lol, really – have to go look, not about this I hope, telling everyone what a freak I am.

  15. cat Says:

    haha, it is too

  16. cat Says:

    lol – it will give you a second to get your undies on before you have to fight someone. Or your bra. Whichever one you need most. I can't stand the thought of having to fight someone naked. ANd just to prove what a freak I am, I even open the bathroom window (don't worry, it's very high, no one could climb through it) because it's near my neighbours kitchen window and I figure they'll be able to hear me when I scream for help.

  17. Emjay Says:

    LOL. When I am here alone I put the alarm on before I shower. I put it on if I have an afternoon nap on the w/ends too!! Then I think how freaked out I would be if the sirens went off while I was all naked and soapy!

  18. cat Says:

    lol, yes paranoia begets paranoia
    I have tried to sleep in the afternoon with the back door unlocked, trusting Betty to keep me safe, but it is never a restful nap. And I always have to face the door.

  19. Farfaraway Says:

    Oh, I HATE that! It happens a lot to me these days, now that I actually live alone…and the dogs making noise while I'm in the shower never helps, either…

  20. cat Says:

    lol – I won't let the dog sleep in my room when I'm alone. She used to make me more nervous, looking about and growling at nothing.

  21. Farfaraway Says:

    Mine make me feel better. I know that if my boy has his ears pricked and he's alerted to something, I'd better be paying attention! But some dogs are just alarmists. 🙂

  22. cat Says:

    I think I'm the alarmist

  23. Keep a dog! 🙂 He'll help sniff out whoever is hiding in the closet! 😀

  24. cat Says:

    Well I have an old deaf friendly dog – not sure how much good she'll be.

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