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Vox Hunt: Something on a Stick March 31, 2009

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Today is "Something on a Stick Day." So go for it… show us something on a stick!

Not only will I show you something on a stick, I'll show you the best thing ever to be put on a stick.

The Chocolate Paddle Pop.



Nothing beats a chocolate paddle pop. You can get rainbow or banana but they just don't cut it.

Just a simple chocolate iceblock. They don't try to be fancy. You won't find any biscuit crumbs, or chunks of chocolate. No nuts or balls of bubble gum in the middle. They're like that CD you have. You know the one you put on when you can't decide what to play. The one you know will be right for any occasion. 



When we were kids we were allowed to go to the corner shop once a week and buy whatever we wanted. Mind you we were only given 20 cents, but that got you a lot back then. And I always got a chocolate paddle pop first. I think they were 7 cents then.



One year Santa bought me a box of chocolate paddle pops. He might have bought my brother and sisters boxes as well – not sure. But of all the christmas presents I received over the years, from Santa and anyone else, thats the only one I remember.


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20 Responses to “Vox Hunt: Something on a Stick”

  1. Emjay Says:

    A chocolate paddle pop is always one of the first things I buy when I go home!! There is nothing that tastes as good as them here.

  2. LeendaDLL Says:

    Looks like a Fudgesicle (well, what they used to look like). I love the Xmas present story!

  3. cat Says:

    I bet there's nothing like them anywhere else. They just hit the spot.

  4. cat Says:

    Perfection they are. I only have an iceblock every few months and I usually stand at the freezer for ten minutes looking, but I always pick a paddle pop. They never let you down.

  5. LeendaDLL Says:

    I shall add them to my "must do while down under" list.

  6. bold as love Says:

    oh, i'm so annoyed i didn't see that vox question earlier – i just had a strawberry paddle pop moo – soooo good! Do agree though, that there is nothing like a chocolate paddle pop – so good!

  7. cat Says:

    Sometimes you can get a chocolate one that has a touch of strawberry flavour that I don't like much. Those times I always think they haven't washed out the tub properly after the strawberry before they do the chocolate.

  8. OptamissTIK Says:

    chocolate paddle pops are heaven on a stick! They can keep their magnum's and their other gourmet $4 ice creams, I'll have a paddle pop any day!

  9. cat Says:

    You have to feel sorry for the rest of the world really, being deprived of them.

  10. bold as love Says:

    the pink one is rainbow, which is actually a toffee flavour..

  11. cat Says:

    ahhh, I see, might try one then

  12. paikea Says:

    can i just say, that the second i saw the Chocolate Paddle Pop on your, i hit the "add to neighborhood" button – because anyone who would have that miracle of cold chocolaty goodness on their blog is someone i want in my blogg-ee vicinity!i loved the Jello Pudding Pops in the US, growing up – don't even know if they're around anymore – but, i was totally addicted to those…but, boy, am i glad they have the CPP in NZ – certainly hits the spot every time!

  13. cat Says:

    Well I haven't heard of the Jello Pudding Pops but they have all kinds of things over there I don't get to experience.
    I'm so glad you have paddle pops. Everyone should have padle pops. I wonder if they taste the same.
    Another thing is cadbury chocolate. If I had to leave Australia that would be one of the things I'd miss most. Cadbury plain milk chocolate.

  14. Oh ho! Paddle Pops!!!! I have not seen them around much… but they were so popular when I was a kid… with the rainbow flavours being the last one I remember so vividly!

  15. cat Says:

    I think all australian kids were raised on paddle pops!

  16. Jack Yan Says:

    Oh my goodness, I remember Paddle Pops!

  17. Jack Yan Says:

    I probably am one! I met with a friend from high school today and said that when I went back for a reunion and was shown around by current pupils, they must have thought I was a dinosaur—the same way we would have thought about the guys in the school photos from the 1960s!

  18. Shutterbug Says:

    I've never heard of Paddle Pops before, but they look yummy! :o)

  19. cat Says:

    Another poor deprived person, not to have experienced a paddle pop! Pity I can't mail them out to everyone.

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