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learn the three R’s March 26, 2009

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Do you know what really drives me nuts these days?


I hate packaging. Packaging and Plastic. I try really hard these days to be more eco friendly. I buy things with as little packaging as possible, with recyclable packaging if I'm able, I don't buy meat on those black trays covered with cling wrap, I use eco bags for grocery shopping and glare at people who still use plastic bags and I don't put my fruit and veg in plastic bags. Which used to really annoy the checkout chicks because everything would try to roll off the scales at the checkout. I use plastic containers to store food in the fridge so I don't have to use cling wrap and I don't buy plastic bottles of water. And if I see one more person release balloons at a funeral, I'll possibly go insane.

But yesterday I had to buy new software for the office because of course our old programme doesn't run on the new computer that has Vista, only runs on XP. And after I hand over a ridiculous amount of money they hand me this huge box. A huge box that is wrapped in plastic. I know there's only a small disc in there so why the huge box. This is what I find when I open it.



Sure enough, there was my disc and the booklet up in the top sections and thes rest is just padding. We have to get over this idea that bigger means more value for your money. Everyone knows they're just gettting a disc for their money so why not just sell it in a paper sleeve.

Very annoyed about that.

I read in a magazine yesterday that there are now 18,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometre of the ocean. It kills more than 100,000 marine mammals and one million seabirds every year. Eighty percent of this comes from the land – blown of landfill sites, washed down storm water drains, littered. It comes from US.

And you know what really drives me nuts extreme. These people that then get all excited about Earth Hour. They spend every day of the year not recycling enough, leaving lights burning for hours, driving cars when they could walk, running freezers and dishwashers and aircondioners and clothes dryers round the clock, throwing away food and buying takeaway coffees or water bottles every day for lunch. Then they sit in the dark for one hour a year and think they're saving the bloody world.

And they'll probably sit there in candle light produced by petro-chemically derived waxes.

It's really time for everyone to try a bit harder. This months Australians Womens Health magazine has some good information about things you can do. But really everyone knows what they should be doing, they're just too lazy, too slack or living in denial.




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23 Responses to “learn the three R’s”

  1. Emjay Says:

    You probably don't know what Netflix is (??) but it is a DVD rental via mail. They come in a little paper sleeve and survive the post office sorting and my mailman stuffing it in my mailbox. Go to work – we put drawings and plans onto CD's and then put them in hard plastic cases! I am driving people nuts telling them that CDs/DVD's are much tougher than you think and if Netflix can trust the mail in a flimsy bit of paper then we don't need to be using all this plastic!

  2. cat Says:

    You need to campaign harder! Such a waste. And music cd's, don't get me started! Don't even need them these days with Itunes or at least they should come in cardboard.

  3. Lee Says:

    Hey Cat,
    I finally

  4. Lee Says:

    oh WTF. I just wrote you alovely long post after getting some fandangled vox id thing, and it all disappeared. ARGH!
    Anyway, the crux of it was I totally agree. and noted if Xavier Rudd & Jack Johnson & The John Butler Trio can all do recycled cardboard cd covers, why can't they make EVERYONE do it! And that there is too much freaking packaging on almost EVERYTHING especially kids toys! All in the name of making things more attractive for marketing. It is freaking insane, and the govt should legislate or penalise comanies that use too much packaging.

    OH can you please enable full RSS feeds for your blog posts? I think it is only sending out summaries, I only get the first couple of lines in your posts when my google reader feed thing updates.


  5. cat Says:

    lol, I was going to say, you finally what??
    Barbies, what about the packaging on Barbies!! No small child could ever get a barbie out of a box on their own. And that thing they put in the back of their hair, I could never get that off without doind some damage.
    Now you know I wouldn't know how to do that RSS thing!! Where do I do that?
    One thing that suxks about vox is how you have to sign up to comment. Oh look, suxks was just a spelling mistake, not creative writing but it looks good.

  6. Lee Says:

    Ok the rss thing I just worked out, I went and looked on the VOX help page, and added a bit to the end of your website address into goolge reader and now it brings up the full posts. Phew. Crisis averted. I know you are totally enthralled by my crazed ramblings…..!
    Dude, do NOT get me started on those freaking plastic toggle stitched in bits they put in the barbie hair. Drives me DEMENTED. My princess is into those littlest pet shop toys, and I swear there is more packaging left over after I get the blasted thing out then would go into making the figurine and associated accessory it comes with!
    PS: I think suxks is the rad new way to spell it….!

  7. cat Says:

    hahaha – glad you worked it out! Thought you may have had to send me some code or other scary thing you specialise in. There's a trick to removing the barbie hair toggle stitch thingo but it involves remaining calm.
    You should come over to Vox, now you have an account and all.

  8. Lee Says:

    nah, just changed to wordpress – I like people can leave an email addy so I can say hi back. Except I only have two readers apparently so it isn't that hard to get a hold of them….*snort*
    But now I have managed to get an id thing here I can say hi to you more often!

  9. Waterbaby Says:

    listen, babe, you're preachin' to the (my) choir. the plastic water bottles is one of my pet peeves. they're so gosh-darn trendy and truth is, the water ain't all that special like they claim either, people will fall for anything! i carry a water bottle. one old diet pepsi water bottle that i refill wherever i am with plain ol' tap and i use that water bottle until crud's developed on the bottom. when it starts floatin' in the water, that's when it's time to buy a new bottle of diet pepsi and restart the process. as for the packaging, yeah, it's the same here. order a software CD from amazon and it arrives in a big box filled with those big bubblewrap squares that aren't even fun to pop.

  10. cat Says:

    Yes, there needs to be a campaign against plastic water bottles, they are a huge problem and as you say ridiculous anyway. Such a waste of money as well as plastic. Plus I saw something on telly a while ago about how all these kids are showing up with massive dental problems because they only drink bottled water so aren't getting any flouride which is in the tap water. Everyone should have their own SIGG bottle. Then you can look trendy at the same time you're being eco cool.
    I'm like you – I use an old 1 litre soda water bottle until it dies. But I'm gonna get a SIGG because even though I don't replace the soda bottle often, I still do and I don't like doing things half arsed.

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    those are nice. spendy … but nice. i'm picky about my water bottle, i like it to be large but not hunkin' large and have a wide-enough mouth to insert a teabag, and that style's increasingly hard to find anymore among soda bottles. which may force me to buy a real water bottle one day. here's something funny (as in eye roll). seattle, which arrogantly touts itself as one of the greenest and most "environmentally sensitive" cities in the world, has such a HUGE problem with plastic throwaways that it's actually come out encouraging its residents to reduce bottle purchases and/or reuse one bottle. seattle, though, being so full of itself, won't listen, but i thought it was hilarious, in a pukey sorta way.

  12. cat Says:

    Yeah, the are expensive but I figure you have it for a long time and you're doing some good.
    Re Seattle (and others like that) it's a pretty selfish attitude to have. Whenever Daz does something eco destroyer like I pull out the old – oh, nice one, so you're just gonna destroy your grandchildrens world are you?

  13. Waterbaby Says:

    @cat – on the cost, I hear ya. yeah, seattle's full of the self-absorbed and the superior (in their own minds), making it reason no. 11 why i don't live there (though it's "just up the road"). lol — and daz responds to that?!

  14. cat Says:

    Sigh – he doesn't really seem to care. Although he is getting better in a strange way. He came in the other day and remarked how good it was that our recycling bin was full and it was still days until the truck came. But I pointed out that it wasn't really a good thing because it really meant that we were buying too much stuff.

  15. Doug Says:

    We make a real effort to put all plastics back into the re-cycle stream. Paper also. When those two things are removed, out household trash drops to almost nothing. We compost the organic materials.

  16. *shakes head* That is a lot of wasted space. They could never just give you a CD case and booklet, it HAS to be in a giant box.

  17. cat Says:

    A giant box thats then wrapped in plastic. I guess they think that people will think they are getting their moneys worth if they get this huge box.

  18. Haha, reminds me of the giant vehicles guys drive around here. Like they are trying to make up for something lacking….

  19. cat Says:

    You don't use a Grolsh bottle do you? I used one of them for ages, until it went a bit yuk. Must say, it took a few cycles to totally get rid of the beer flavour.

  20. cat Says:

    lol – we have a ad here for young guys like that who drive too fast and too stupid
    no one will think big of you

  21. HAHHAAHA!!! Ohh that is good! That is totally what I think when some guy shows off like that!

  22. poptart Says:

    I am so with you on this one. Packaging really bothers me. Things are soooo OVERPACKAGED! Enough already. I heard that in some euro countries you can throw out the excess packaging in a store into a special bin and the manufacturers get fined. Could be a lie, but I like the idea.

  23. cat Says:

    that would be a fantastic idea – toys are especially bad and they don't even need all that packaging anyway, kids just want to rip straight into stuff, not spend twenty minutes trying to get into it

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